We have incredible clients that create amazing work with our licensable imagery found on the 500px Marketplace. We’re featuring a project that showcases these 500px images in a way that inspires wanderlust and creates an effective and powerful user experience.

Award-winning creative agency, Born05, created a breathtaking 50th anniversary edition of the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines iFly Magazine. This special iFly 50 edition walks through 50 enchanting destinations across the globe, giving users 50 “reasons to travel”. Users scroll through beautiful imagery paired with music and fun interactions. Throughout this journey, users can pick their personal top 5 destinations and are entered to win a trip to one of the locations.

Overall, we have to say it is an absolutely captivating experience (and don’t think it is because we are biased). Frederik Pot, producer at Born05, shared his creative process while working on this engaging project. He doubled as assistant editor on this project, helping with the image selection for all 50 locations.

High Quality Images Delivering a Unique Engagement Experience


What criteria did KLM Royal Dutch Airlines give you for iFly 50?

The main criteria for the content of iFly 50 was for it to be high quality, immersive and “wanderlust-inspiring”. We also had to keep the frame of mind that this was a branded magazine for an airline. We had to carefully select specific destinations, themes and subtle brand propositions.

The biggest challenge was to make sure we had this diversity while maintaining the high standard of content and the uniqueness of the individual subjects. iFly 50 is the anniversary edition of our iFly KLM Magazine we’ve been making for the past 8 years. Celebrating the anniversary of our fiftieth edition with 50 of the most unique travel destinations on earth in a digital HTML based magazine was the best way to engage users.


Why did you choose to use 500px imagery over other options?

We set out to select exclusive photography, so a large part of our selection comes directly from professional photographers who’ve made exceptional images with a unique point of view. 500px offers a wide range of destinations and high-end photography, which is more exclusive than other stock photography platforms. 500px images were a perfect fit to fill up the gaps in the selection we made at the start of the project.


Has this experience changed your approach to developing content?

Creating the iFly 50 was a big leap in professionalizing our content development process and products. We really set out to create something extraordinary. We feel we’ve met these goals and exceeded expectations. This project set a new standard for what we as a digital agency hope to create. The results we’ve gotten so far are extremely positive. We have already won Site of the Day (SOTD) for Awwwards and FWA. The Born05 team is pretty proud of our accomplishments with this project. Can’t you tell?


Thanks so much to Frederik for sharing the power of effective imagery in his project with us! To see more where these photos came from, visit the 500px Marketplace.