In our continued effort to expose the absolute best work on 500px, we’ve enlisted the help of some of the best photographers on the service to act as guest curators and populate our Editors’ Choice page.

So far, we’ve introduced you to a few of the all-stars, like Benjamin Von Wong, Lisa Holloway, Michael Shainblum, Chris Burkard and more. Today it’s time to get to know Polish photographer and business consultant Sebastian Luczywo.

As with all our previous guest curators, once Sebastian was done selecting his Editors’ Choice picks, we asked him a few questions to get to know him better, and then had him walk us through his 5 favorite images. Read on and Enjoy!

500PX: For you, what makes a photo good? What are the qualities of a great photograph?
SEBASTIAN LUCZYWO: For me, inspiration is an old photograph, which consists primarily of content… form is less important. Nowadays, more important is the visual effect that is often built in Photoshop.

I think that a good picture needs to be done already in the camera, it must contain a message, must show us the sophisticated view of the world, an unusual frame. I really can appreciate the creativity and originality, the search for one’s own style.

Out of all your own photos, what is your favorite? And can you share the story behind this shot?

SEBASTIAN: My favorite photo is “goodfellas” — the most popular photo in my Country Series Project.

SEBASTIAN (continued): This picture presents my son Jack and my dog Lord. I used my favorite method of storytelling to create this photograph: role reversal. The doghouse I used in this photo also has value for me, I took it from a village and now it is in my garden in the city in I which live… like a monument.

This image has become emblematic of my style. I decided not to sell this photo in any form, despite many commercial offers — it is too valuable to me.

Sebastian Luczywo’s Favorite Photos on 500px

*** by Fuior Bogdan

Great idea for a picture. Very good performance, model perfectly played the role. Turn the world upside down… for me it is a description of the current reality. I cannot forget this image and the look on the man’s face — that he does not understand what’s going on.


Great street photo: a smiling man and his smiling animals. They do not look into the lens, but ahead — for me it is such a positive wind, which allows a better look into the future. Happiness is not in money, there is no prosperity, it must be sought in everyday life, in friendship.

His Mistress the Sea by Richard Bland

I look for a story in each photo. In this I see modern man who is in traveling through the jungle of modern civilization. He knows his target, despite the risks and the lack of designated roads. He knows in which direction he has to go. Picture well done, good frame and great B&W.

TAOTA 034 by Harry Gordon Bisel

In this photo I value creativity… the search for your own style. Good performance, good work with a model, for me it is a very lovely job all around. I have associations with the style of Chaplin 🙂

Miniatugraphy #1: “Undiscovered” by Fokuzia Photography

Great idea and very good implementation. For me this photo shows that each of us, despite the fact that humanity is a crowd, have our own emotions, our own stories, and they are very important.

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