Each month we’re asking twelve 500px rockstars — photographers whose images you’ve no doubt seen both on the Popular page as well as all over the Internet — to curate our Editors’ Choice page. Then, once they’re done, we sit down to ask them a couple of questions and see what their favorite images were.

This month, we were honored to have incredible Family photographer and loving mother of 10 (not a typo…) Lisa Holloway join that list!

We couldn’t wait to hear what her favorite photos were and why, and we bet you can’t wait to find out. Read on and enjoy!

500PX: For you, what makes a great photograph?
LISA HOLLOWAY: What makes a great photo, to me, is a photo that leaves a lasting impression and inspires you. Something that lingers on your mind after you view it, and makes you want to get your own camera out and go shooting.

Speaking of portraits only, I love an image with a genuine, strong connection between photographer and subject. If you can see a bit of that person’s soul in their picture, the photo is a success in my eyes.

Out of all your own photos, what is your absolute favorite? And can you share the story behind this shot?
LISA: This question is SO HARD, and my answer changes depending on what day I’m asked! I’m going to go with this fall portrait that was taken of my now 18-month-old son last year when he was just 5 months old.

LISA (continued): 5 months can be a tricky age to photograph because they are unable to sit yet without assistance. We laid him down on the ground underneath a canopy of cottonwood trees cloaked in their rusty, autumn hues. He was fascinated by the wind blowing through the trees overhead and reached his little hand up as if to touch them. I love the pure and innocent look of wonder on his face! This is definitely one of my favorite ever images of my baby boy.

Lisa Holloway’s Favorite Photos on 500px

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know Lisa a bit, and find out which of her photos she likes best, scroll down to find out which of the photos on 500px are her favorites. Her picks include work by Marc Adamus, Alexander Vinogradov, Paul Apal’kin, Tomas Morkes and Melina McGrew McConnaughy, and they are each something truly special:

‘Between Night and Day’ by Marc Adamus

I LOVE this image. It is cold and desolate, but at the same time, it conveys a sense of calm and peace. There is a very other-worldly, surreal quality about this photo that pulls you in and doesn’t let go.

At first glance, it reminded me of the river that ran behind my Grandmother’s house in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. I have so many good memories from spending time at my Grandma’s house. I felt a strong tug of nostalgia while looking at this image.

I love the soft glow of moonlight on the untouched, sparkling snow and the faint twinkle of stars in the sky. I love the feeling that this image gives me. It was an instant editor’s choice the minute I stumbled upon it.

‘Dasha’ by Alexander Vinogradov

This is an amazing portrait! The freckles, the braided locks, the inquisitive and lively blue eyes — it almost has an innocent school girl vibe to it. There is a STRONG connection between photographer and subject that just grabs you.

I love that the natural texture of her skin was left in tact — so many portraits are overdone in the skin smoothing department so this is a nice change of pace.

She looks like she knows a secret, or is up to something mischievous perhaps. It leaves you wondering and thinking of the possibilities. I love a little bit of mystery in a portrait! She looks like someone I’d like to know. 🙂

‘Alexandra’ by Paul Apal’kin

This is a gripping, powerful portrait, full of darkness and mystery. It sends shivers up my spine at first glance.

The lines of this image, particularly the ‘V’ at the back of her dress fascinate me. Her eyes are shrouded in darkness — there is an almost sinister feel here. What is she thinking? Who is she? Who is she looking for? What is her story? This image is full of questions and is extremely haunting and fascinating at the same time. It was an instant pick for the Editor’s Choice category.

‘Autumn In The Forest’ by Tomas Morkes

Fall is hands down my favorite season. The transformation from summertime greens to the barren branches of winter is the best show mother nature puts on.

I love everything about this image — the fog, the soft curves of the moss covered tree trunks, the last of the fiery leaves on the branches, slowly giving way to winter. I would love to take a walk in this forest. It looks enchanted; a place where you might find fairies and elves. It makes me miss the forests I grew up near in Washington.

‘Cherished Moments’ by Melina McGrew McConnaughy

This image speaks to me in so many ways — the tender act of mother nursing child, the soft, moody lighting, baby’s hand reaching up to gently touch her mother. I love everything about this photograph.

As the mom of 10 of my own precious babies, the quiet times spent snuggling and nursing my little ones are some of my most cherished moments. This image is the essence of motherhood — gentle, caring, loving, peaceful, perfection.

To see more of Lisa’s beautiful photography or browse through some of the other photos she’s Favorited on 500px so far, check out her 500px profile, visit her website, or give her a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.