It took studio photography expert, Photigy Founder, and 500px user Alex Koloskov about a minute to get the photo below. All he needed were some cheap ($6) LEE gels, and white background, a glossy plexiglass surface, and some strip boxes he already had around the studio. Oh… and bubbles.

The resulting shot is a fun example of the kind of creative results you can get by experimenting with gels and asking your kids for suggestions:


The setup behind the shot is nothing special. He simply cut two of the 21×24-inch gels to fit onto his strip boxes, set up one light behind and one light in front of the white plastic background, and then picked something clear to set on top of his glossy plexiglass product photography table.

Here’s a photo of the full setup:


Finally, to spruce up the shot a bit, he asked his kids for suggestions and was encouraged to give some bubbles a shot.

This is a FAR CHEAPER alternative to the expensive on-light gels you can buy that attach to your flash heads, and a great tip if you’re just starting to experiment with product photography.

Check out the quick video tutorial below, and then be sure to check out Alex’s 500px account or pay Photigy a visit by clicking here.