They may be war machines, but in our humble opinion, fighter jets look best when they’re not being used to fight anything at all. The beautifully designed jets fly through the air with a terrible grace and fearsome precision that some photographers have become masters at capturing.

Whether it’s The Red Arrows or Blue Angels or Thunderbirds flying in formation, or it’s a single jet breaking through the sound barrier and forming that immediately recognizable cone, these 25 photos should get any jet nerd’s heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.

Scroll down and enjoy!

Steaming! by Dan Kemsley on

Orange by Dimitri Alderweireld on

Calypso Pass by Vasilis Argyropoulos on

Super Hornet Shockwave by Chris Buff on

Red Arrow Fountain by Uncool Dan on

Dark skies calling by Neil O

Royal Air Force Harrier GR9 by Darren Dawson on

USAF F15 Strike Eagle - Bwlch - Mach loop. by Ben Gilbert on

Sneak Pass by Steven Serdikoff on

Strike Eagle at rest by Chris Buff on

100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation - SB-2C & F/A-18 by Tyson Rininger on

Going Vertical ! by Patrick Foss on

Al Fursan by Muhanad Nassiri on

Speed by Matt Daniels on

Mig-29 by Dimitri Alderweireld on

The dance by Giuseppe Torre on

Red Arrows by Richard Wood on

Crazy takeoff by Pascal Riviere on

Launch! by Chris Buff on

Su-30 MkII by Sergio J. Padrón A. on

Viggen by Sergio J. Padrón A. on

F15 Eagle by Luke Bhothipiti on

SPLINTERd by Jonathan Derden on

Steaming Eagle! by Tom Dean Photography on

Dutch F16 by Oxon Images on

If you’ve got your own amazing fighter jet photos, be sure to upload them to 500px and drop a link in the comments. And if you’d like to see more photos like the ones above, there’s plenty more jets waiting for you at this link.