When it comes to portraits, it’s hard to argue against the saying, “it’s all about the eyes.” The so-called windows of the soul can draw you in like few other things ever have to power to. There’s a reason one of (if not the) most popular National Geographic cover ever was Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry… it’s all about those eyes and the stories they’re telling in that single frame.

So we scoured the 500px archives for the best examples of “all about the eyes” portrait photography. We wanted to put together a collection of photos that gaze into your very soul… photos that would inspire you to give these orbs the attention they deserve on your next photo shoot.

Here are 21 Portraits that Gaze Into Your Very Soul—a collection we’re particularly proud of.

Those eyes by Francesco Rizzato on 500px.com

See through by Maja Top?agi? on 500px.com

Nature like she is by Darya Chacheva on 500px.com

Frozen by Ryan Pendleton on 500px.com

Nadya by Ann Nevreva on 500px.com

Betsy - Natural Light by Dani Diamond on 500px.com

Dessine-moi un mouton... by Bastien HAJDUK on 500px.com

Its all about the eyes by Tonny Jørgensen on 500px.com

some things just are the way they are by Stefan Beutler on 500px.com

MYSTERY....X by Jason Saddler on 500px.com

**** by Brian Ingram on 500px.com

Ange?line by Joan  Le Jan on 500px.com

mina by Denis Jobst on 500px.com

Winter Skin by Juan García on 500px.com

eternity by Juliane Naumann I Photography on 500px.com

Hannah by Jay Kreens  on 500px.com

Elena by Elena Bovo on 500px.com

Just look by DAVID MAS  on 500px.com

Julia by Konstantin Kryukovskiy on 500px.com

Spring beauty by Nina Masic on 500px.com

Snowfall by ???????  ????????? (Georgiy Chernyadyev) on 500px.com

You can see a lot more incredible portraiture just like this on 500px—just click here. And (you saw this coming didn’t you…) if you’ve got your own “all about the eyes” portrait hidden somewhere in the archives, dig it up, upload it to 500px, and share a link in the comments!