Adding a person into a vast landscape can make all the difference, transforming a banal shot into something full of wanderlust… a shot that inspires thoughts of travel and adventure.

The same can be said of airplanes and architecture.

The straight up architecture photo is an impressive specimen on its own (just like the standard, beautiful landscape photograph). But it can be taken to a whole new level when you add the human element.

And since us humans have yet to figure out how to fly without the help of these massive, magical, metal things, that element is often an airplane:

Convergence by  Chong Zheng on

Just like adding a person or people into your landscape shots, adding an airplane into your architecture photography adds drama—people are really good about adding drama to an otherwise perfectly peaceful situation…

The viewer is no longer looking at tall buildings and right angles, the buildings come alive as they imagine flying above them… traveling to some far-flung destination they’ve been dreaming about.

Here are 15 of the most popular airplanes and architecture photos on 500px to inspire you the next time you go shoot tall buildings and beautiful structures:

Flying through clouds and windows by Trefla  on

SZEMPONT by Shady S. on

Unconventional by Carla DLM on

Rectangle by Thrasivoulos Panou on

into the blue by markus studtmann on

"Noiseborhood" II by Carlos M. Almagro  on

2T (colour version) by Holger Glaab on

Aimlessly by Chad Taylor on

an airplane on the roof by Daniel Antunes on

I believe I can fly! by Marc Nouss on

Round trip by Eddy González on

Symphony Buildings by Marco  Battini on

Up and Away 2/4 by PK  on

Lucerna by Dennis Ramos on

Stiff Neck by Giuseppe Torre on