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We take numerous photos every time we venture out to explore, capturing special moments and beautiful sights. However, these photos often remain stored on hard drives or shared quickly online, without much further attention. How can we keep these precious memories alive and relive them through our photos? The answer lies in printing them!

Printing your photos allows you to relive your favorite moments time and time again. Whether it’s a memorable vacation, your wedding day, a festive moment, or a unique location, printed photos will make sure these cherished memories do not fade away. But printing photos can be a bit tricky. With these seven tips, you’ll avoid common mistakes and ensure that your photos are print-ready.

Choose your favorite
Start by selecting a photo that resonates with you and complements your home decor. Consider the colors, mood, and story conveyed by the photo. Choosing an image that evokes emotions and tells a story will create a more meaningful visual experience when displayed in your home.

Use the original photo file
To preserve the highest quality and achieve optimal printing results, always use the original photo file. Avoid using images that have been compressed or resized for sharing on social media platforms. Select the highest-quality JPEG version of your photo for printing purposes.

Stay razor sharp
Before printing, inspect your photo at 100% zoom to ensure sharpness. Pay close attention to the details of the subject, particularly the eyes if they involve people or animals. If the subject appears blurry or lacks clarity, consider selecting a different photo or enhancing the sharpness using photo editing software.

Keep the horizon straight
A tilted horizon can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your printed photo. To avoid this, utilize the rotation or crop tools in your preferred photo editing program to straighten the horizon. Ensure that the horizon line is level, as it contributes to a more balanced and visually appealing composition.

Resize for your space
Before printing, determine the desired print size and adjust your photo accordingly. Resizing the image ensures that it fits well within the chosen frame or display area. Take into account the shape and dimensions of your print, and use image editing software to resize the photo without distorting its proportions.

Crop it like it’s hot
Cropping is a powerful tool to eliminate distractions and focus on the key elements of your photo’s story. Identify any unnecessary objects or elements that may detract from the main subject or message. Strategically crop the image to create a more compelling composition that captures the viewer’s attention and enhances the visual impact.

Remove unwanted spots
Examine your photo at 100% zoom and scan for any imperfections such as spots, dust, or blemishes. These unwanted distractions can become more noticeable once printed. Utilize spot removal tools available in photo editing software to eliminate these imperfections and ensure a clean and flawless print.

Bonus tip: Black and white
Experimenting with black and white can transform the mood and focus of your photo. Convert your image to black and white and observe how it alters the perception and narrative. Sometimes, removing color can help eliminate distracting elements and enhance the overall impact of the photo.

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