Want a free review of your 500px portfolio from an industry expert, or get insights on what makes a photo click with commercial buyers and editors? Then you’ll want to tune in to our new video series on the 500px channel—500px Portfolio Reviews, where we discuss and critique selected photos on 500px, providing photographers with helpful tips on how to improve their craft and sell more photos commercially.

“This is a new series that I hope will help photographers be more open to critique, and will help them build the skills through learning what it takes to create a great shot,” says Evgeny Tchebotarev, co-founder of 500px and co-host of 500px Portfolio Reviews. “I think the key there is that everyone can learn through portfolio reviews, not just the photographer whose work is being reviewed.”

In this pilot episode, Evgeny Tchebotarev sits with 500px Prime Director of Content Nuno Silva, to review 4 photographers’ works: Matthew Perry, Adrian Murray, Martin Reisch, and Andrew Vernon.

These photographers were chosen from 50 500px members who submitted their portfolios, responding to an open call tweet from Evgeny.

Hit play to watch the episode, and see what Evgeny and Nuno have to say—straight from 500px HQ:

So what, then, are the qualities of a good and strong portfolio?

“A great portfolio is the one that inspires. However, for photographers aiming to get clients, a great portfolio has to be consistent—similar style, quality, format. So that when a client—for example, an art director of an agency or a brand—hires a photographer, he or she knows what to expect,” answers Evgeny. “With that in mind, a portfolio could just have good solid photos, but being consistent is often better than having an amazing collection of photos that are very different in style. Personally and professionally, I also love to see portfolios that explore one idea very deeply, so that a photographer becomes an expert in his or her own unique style.”

Want to get your work reviewed and featured in 500px Portfolio Reviews?

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In the next episode, our guest co-host will be renowned studio photographer and retoucher Michael Woloszynowicz, so submit your studio portraits and landscapes for review!

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