Dark#04# by Andreas Paehge

It’s that time of year — namely, the last part — when we dig through our stats, have the gracious analytics elves crunch the numbers, and share the best photos uploaded to 500px this year.

If you visit the blog over the next couple of week (and why wouldn’t you!?) each day you’ll find one or two “Top 10” lists that will compile the best-of-the-best in each of the categories on the site. From Nature, to Journalism, to Film, you’ll find a little bit of everything on ISO over the coming weeks… and all of it awesome!

Kicking it all off, let’s ditch the bayer array and dive into the magical world of monochrome. Here are the Top 10 Black & White Photos of 2014 from the 500px community:

Okay we cheated… if you count that’s 11. The thing is, we couldn’t bring ourselves to cut it down any further than that.

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