500px is committed to providing photographers with opportunities to participate in evolving trends within commercial advertising. We not only want to provide an authentic look at global experiences, but redefine representation and drive inclusivity within commercial photography.

To do this, we’re launching 500px Commercial Grants to help develop content representative of evolving trends found throughout the world. Every 500px photographer will have the chance to submit their photo to a Commercial Grant Quest for consideration.

What is a Commercial Grant?

500px Commercial Grants are an opportunity for photographers to conceptualize, plan, and develop a licensing shoot. Based on a set theme, photographers can submit their photo(s) to the corresponding Quest for consideration where the 500px Content team will review. The photos that best exemplify the theme will be selected and awarded a $1000 US Grant to produce their Licensing shoot.

500px created Commercial Grants to help our contributors build an extensive Licensing portfolio and grow as a photographer – all while producing content that represents a unique and diverse experience.

There will be three Commercial Grant themes throughout the remainder of 2020. Each Grant will have two phases, the pitch phase and the development phase.

Modern Photographer by Aldrin Balisi on 500px.com

The Pitch Phase
During the pitch phase, all 500px photographers will be eligible to submit their photos to a Quest that represents an idea that they’d like to develop further. Because this Commercial Grant is to develop a Licensing shoot, all photos uploaded to the Quest must be submitted to Licensing exclusively through 500px to be eligible to win.

The Development Phase
The winning photographers will move onto the development phase where they will work with the 500px Content team to execute on their shoot idea. After their shoot, the photographers are required to submit 100 photos, exclusively to 500px Licensing. Grant money will be awarded upon acceptance of their photos.

What is the first Commercial Grant theme?

The theme for the first 500px Commercial Grant is Life Online—a look at the way technology connects us in the time of self-isolation, quarantine, and COVID-19. Capture the stories that illustrate what it means to incorporate technology into our daily lives, routines, well being, and relationships.

lara + fred vii by Helena Lopes on 500px.com

According to The New York Times, many online web services such as ‘Zoom’ or the popular app ‘Houseparty’, saw at least a 70% increase in activity in March 2020. This growing demand for online communication and connection has fueled a 9000%+ increase in searches on Getty Images for food delivery, online shopping, home workouts, homeschooling, and watching TV, according to a report they recently released.

How to participate in the 500px Commercial Grant: Life Online

1. Log in or sign up to 500px.com
2. Review the Life Online Commercial Grant Quest brief and inspiration photos
3. Conceptualize your photoshoot and take a photo(s) that represents the idea that you’d like to develop
5. Upload your photo(s) and submit it to Licensing, exclusively via 500px
6. Submit your photo(s) to the Life Online Commercial Grant Quest

The winners will be announced on June 10, 2020.

Young adult businesswoman working with digital tablet by Carina König on 500px.com

Selection Process & Awards

5 photographers will be selected as the winners of the Life Online Commercial Grant Quest. Those photographers will be eligible to receive a $1000 US grant after they have developed and submitted their commercial series.

Commercial Grants will be awarded by the 500px Content Team and will be selected based on the applicant’s ability to execute on the requirements of the Quest. The 500px Content Team will take into account the photographer’s portfolio as well as the narrative within the submission.

For more information, please review and submit your photos to the Life Online Commercial Grant Quest.

Learn more about 500px Commercial Grants.

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