Last year we released the new Licensing Manager to help you focus on making great content, while being able to quickly access the information you need. Since then, we’ve been investing in upgrades for all Licensing workflows to simplify and streamline the overall process for both seasoned professionals and those who are new to the world of stock photography.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce a number of updates to Licensing, including that Licensing is now available on both the Android and iOS apps and the ability to request and add a digital model release to your submissions on web and both apps.

What’s New

Now you can submit to Licensing from anywhere, on your phone. With the quickly advancing quality of mobile phone cameras, we’re excited to offer this new feature on iOS and Android. Upload a photo, enable Licensing with a single tap, choose to License exclusively through 500px, and add a digital model release—it only takes a few seconds.

We’ve also added the ability to request and collect a digital model release for licensed photos that include people on both the apps and on the web. Simply fill out a quick form for each photo and either email or text the request link to your model for them to approve! Once they’ve given their consent, the form will automatically be added to your image and your submission will be complete—no more PDFs required!

And finally, we’ve given the Licensing Manager some updates including an all new look. Your Photo Manager and Licensing Manager are now easily accessible within a shared experience. The Photo Manager is focused on all of your content, while the Licensing Manager is where you’ll track and manage your submitted content through the review process. You can easily flip back and forth between each tab.

The latest update to Licensing brings us closer to our ultimate goal of providing an easy, seamless experience across all platforms for all users who want to submit photos to Licensing. You upload and click one button, we take care of the rest! Check it out and submit a photo today.

Download the 500px app from the App Store or Google Play Store.