Hi! I’m Evgeny Tchebotarev, co-founder of 500px. This month, I’ve been on a road trip across Northwest USA, from California to Colorado. Read on for a glimpse of my Road Trip Photo Diary: Day 1. You can also follow our adventure on Instagram, Twitter, or 500px with hashtag #500northwest.

Day 1 of our #500northwest adventure was pretty epic. I landed in San Francisco, knowing that next day, we had a scheduled flight on a helicopter with a crew from Vertical CFI. That got me very excited, but I didn’t realized how scary that would be!

During the day before the flight, we went to the Muir Woods National Monument, a great park right next to San Francisco. It’s very close, and therefore must be on top of any tourist’s must-see lists in San Francisco.

Here’s how the day’s trip unfolded, as captured on iPhone…

Started off with a spa and massage at the Royal Thai Spa in Fisherman’s Wharf. My back was killing me, so this was a required visit.

The iconic Transamerica Pyramid tower that we will circle later this night in a helicopter.

Beautiful Muir Woods. Such a peaceful and quiet place.

A quick stop in Sausalito, a slow but beautiful town just north of San Francisco.

Starting the day by putting some final touches on the car. Logos of 500px and other sponsors of this trip — Alamo, Borrowlenses, Dropbox, Adobe.

The film looks great on our Buick Enclave, which is surprisingly good car. I would have never even considered it before!

A stop for lunch in Eureka, California. If you take a photo of our car during the trip and share it on the social network with us, you’ll get a special prize — either a t-shirt of a Plus or Awesome account of same value.

Finally, entering Oregon state and shooting a little bit of the ocean shore with Nikon D810 and Lee’s Big Stopper.

It’s fascinating to see the power of the iPhone. I have shot a few hyperlapses with Hyperlapse from Instagram, edited the videos to add music and borders in SquareadyV and color-graded the final result with the Instagram app to publish it here.

Driving along the legendary Golden Gate Bridge.

Through downtown and via Transamerica Pyramid.

Last hyperlapse of Day 1 — flying back to the air field on Robinson R44 helicopter.

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