Minimal shots of a tiny human figure standing in the middle of an expansive landscape may be 2015’s most explosive trend in outdoor photography. Popularized by master photographers like Lizzy Gadd, Max Rive, and Chris Burkard, the trend has swept through the world of photography and inspired some truly spectacular imagery along the way.

Scroll through your 500px home feed now, and chances are good you’ll run across at least one of these shots every week (if not several), each more inspiring and wanderlust-producing than the last.

In honor of this awesome trend that has us all itching to buy a plane ticket to the Lofoten Islands in Norway or the wilderness of British Columbia right this second, here are 23 picture-perfect examples of this type of photography in action. Enjoy!


Ocean Beach, San Francisco by Emanuel Smedbøl on

Take It In by Lizzy Gadd on

*** by oprisco  on

To a Poet by Amelie Satzger on

Untitled by Bryan Daugherty on

You and I Against the World by Jarrad Seng on

A Violent Sky by Jussi Ulkuniemi on

Light of Eve by Lizzy Gadd on

Wharariki dream by Carlos M. Almagro  on

Mornings Lakeside... by Jason Charles Hill on

Self-portrait II (Iceland, 2015) by Jarrad Seng on

City view by Sander van der Werf on

I Love Iceland by Chris  Burkard on

Let Your Ambition Carry You by Rob Sese on

Skogafoss by Bryan Daugherty on

Sunrise a top Mt. Pilchuck in Washington. by Tanner Seablom on

MIlford Sound by Jason Charles Hill on

Layer Of Snow by Chris  Burkard on

Deforestation by Amelie Satzger on

Somewhere Only We Know by Max Rive on

Aurora gazing in New Zealand by Jarrad Seng on

Golden Ears Sunrise by Lizzy Gadd on

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