In the words of Doctor Frankenstein… “it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!”

In its most powerful display of natural power in 2 years, Italy’s Mount Etna burst back into fiery, explosive, massive-ash-cloud life on Thursday December 3rd and has been spurting and spewing occasionally ever since.

As you might expect, some talented 500px photographers have been there, capturing this amazing phenomenon from every angle just like they did with the Calbuco eruption earlier this year. Here are 15 of the most amazing photos of the Etna eruption shared on 500px so far:

Rapture by Giuseppe Torre on

NSEC Parossismo del 6 dicembre 2015 by Antonio Calvagno on

Etna Power L by Nunzio Santisi on

Just like a Sicilian sunset by Angelo T. La Spina on

The Eruption view from Centuripe. by Davide Castiglione on

Rise of the Giant by Giuseppe Torre on

Huge by Giuseppe Torre on

_NIK2866-1.jpg by Alberto Mantegna on

20151204_102035.jpg by Dylan73 on

Ash Bomb by Alessandro Percolla on

The Volcano Etna by Davide Castiglione on

Alba eruzione ETNA by Valentino Capizzi on

Hell on Earth by Marco Calandra on

Fireball by Alessandro Percolla on

Dirty thunderstorm - Etna by marco restivo on

To see more photos of the Etna paroxysms as they go up on 500px over the following days, click here. And if you have photos of your own, upload them right now and then share a link in the comments!