The Holy Book of Pizza declares “sex is like pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” We tend to agree. But in honor of National Pizza Day, we’re focusing on the latter. Tuck in to these photos of one of the greatest food soulmates out there, along with a celebratory slice (or three).

Pizza by Raquel Carmona Romero on

Pizza capricciosa by Hidekazu Makiyama on

Homemade italian pizza by Vladislav Nosick on

The Coach by Kostas Trovas on

potato and chicken gluten free  pizza by ?????? ??????? on

Homemade Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza by Brent Hofacker on

Black olives - Wood-fired Pizza by Luis Tello on

Love + Pizza by Camila Gargantini on

Homemade yeast dough by shaiith on

KIWIPIZZA by Karen K on

Friends celebrating with beer and pizza at picnic by Carina König on

Autumn tart with pumpkin, pears,arugula and pomegranate seeds on by Alena Haurylik on

Baked by Russell Brown on

Dough, egg, flour. Selective focus.  Rustic backgr by Elena Pavlovich on

meal time at pizzeria, man taking a slice of the pizza by Joshua Resnick on

Vegan pizza with radish, tomato and paprika by Oxana Denezhkina on

Young couple sitting on the floor moving in new house. by Jozef Polc on

Homemade pizza by Gennadi Nikitin on

Hand making shot on mobile phone: rustic homemade pizza with figs, prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, by Anna Ivanova on

The Dough by Natasha Breen on

Two beers or not to be by Helena Lopes on

Pizza by Yong Ji on