Valentine’s Day is the intersection of in-your-face love and borderline-offensive cheesiness, and is widely-mocked accordingly. But it’s also an opportunity to stare straight into the eye of the cuteness storm and test your resistance. Exhibit A: these photos of loving animals, curated by Community and Public Relations Manager Stephanie Newell. Haters gonna hate, except when confronted with photos of snuggling kittens.

Mother's love by Jan Pelcman on

Nesting in this Moment by Iurie Belegurschi on

Big faces by Iza ?yso? on

Beak to Beak by David Merron on

Enjoying life with mom by Roy Mangersnes on

Put me down, big guy by zhao hui on

Snuggling Kittens by Jessica Pugliese on

Tender Moment... by Kanwar Deep Juneja on

I love you, my baby by sergei gladyshev on

Give me a kiss! by Iza ?yso? on

Love by Renzo Gherardi on

Tenderness by Kemal Cellat on

Daddy and Boys Playing! by Nicolas Sabbadin on

Tender Love by Pepe Rojas on

Mum & Calf by Tracy Olive on

That's A Long Way Up (Redux) by Ben Robson on