When I think of waterfall photography, I usually imagine photographers like Brian Matiash or Michael Bollino knee-deep in some pacific northwest stream, ND filter at the ready, capturing long exposures of beautiful falls like these ones:

But a simple shift in perspective can completely change your idea of waterfall photography—all you have to do is get up high.

Of course, this is easier written than done since not everyone has a light aircraft or helicopter at their disposal, but if you can rent one (and a pilot… yeah, definitely a pilot too) or find a high vantage point and photograph your favorite waterfall from above, you’ll never look at it the same way above.

To prove this, we’ve created a collection of 21 photos that show you waterfalls can look even more incredible when photographed from above. Enjoy!

To see more beautiful waterfall images, click here. And if you want to start by capturing waterfalls from the ground before you graduate to air travel, check out this solid insider’s tutorial by Michael Bollino.