Later this month, all across Thailand but particularly in Chiang Mai, thousands upon thousands of floating paper sky lanterns will be set free by massive crowds of locals and tourists alike.

The northern Thai festival is known as Yi Peng—literally “two full moon day,” corresponding with the full moon day in the second month according to the Lanna lunar calendar—and it is part of the wider Loi Krathong festival that Wikipedia would be more than happy to educate you on.

There is a lot of tradition and information there, but the short version is this: you’ll want to be in Thailand the week of November 22nd, ready to experience one of the most beautiful festivals you’ll ever set your eyes on.

However, if you (like one sad 500px Editor I know) won’t be able to make it, these 21 incredibly beautiful photos captured by 500px users who have made it out to the festival in the past few years should help ease the pain a tiny bit… or possibly make it worse:

Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Beboy Photographies on

Floating Lanterns  : Loi Krathong Festival  in Thailand by noomplayboy  on

Thai people floating lamp by Anek S on

CHIANGMAI, THAILAND - OCTOBER 25: Yi Peng,Firework Festival. October 25 ,2014 at Tudongkasatarn in C by Santi foto on

Sky Lanterns by Ponlapat Piyamapanich on

Yee Peng Lantern Festival 2013 by Flona Hakim on

Floating Lanterns Festival  by Puchong Pannoi on

Floating lantern by Patrick ;-) on

Festival Of Light by Drew Hopper on

Yi Peng : Floating Lanterns Festival @Thailand by noomplayboy  on

Yi Peng Festival by Zheetahc UncleBear on

Festival of Light by Franciscus Tan on

Yi Peng Festival by benjarong pannoi on

Yee Peng Festival by SAMART BOONYANG on

Yeepeng Chiang Mai festival by Wanasapong Jaiinpol on

New Beginnings by Drew Hopper on

Yi Peng by Patrick ;-) on

Faith In God by Vinay Balla on

launching sky lanterns by Tassapon Vongkittipong on

Floating Lantern by Vichaya Pop on

Yi Peng festival by Krunja :) on

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And if you have your own photos from this or any other lantern festival around the world, upload them and drop a link in the comments! We’d love to see them and live vicariously through you.