The only thing sweeter than the Easter puns happening here at 500px is the pastel-speckled photography we’ve collected in this gallery. Save your sugar for the chocolate eggs and indulge in these scrumptious Easter-inspired photos, from still life to portraits and a bunny or two, curated by 500px Photo Editors.

Easter eggs by Gediminas Gruzauskas on

Delicious! by Roman Bratschi on

Have you seen Alice by Ashraful Arefin on

Colourful Easter eggs by Gabriela Tulian on

rs Eastereggtree by Rudi Sebastian on

Easter lily by Mike Hilton on

Easter by Natalia Klenova on

AU VIEUX PIGNON DAY by Mickaël Hatstatt on

Three cute easter eggs with faces, happy easter bunny retro background by Andrea Obzerova on

Written in pink by Dina Belenko on

Colorful Easter eggs by Mykola Lunov on

Thor by Julia Bénard on

Sweet Sugary Easter Candy by Brent Hofacker on

Chicken eggs and almond flowers by Ekaterina Fedotova on

Late by Maaike Schauer on

Easter holiday greeting card by Anna Ivanova on

Crepe paper flowers by Elisabeth Coelfen on

Easter background with blue painted eggs and napkin on dark blue by Olga Zarytska on

Spring? Where? by Elke Vogelsang on

Abstract eggs and black pencils by Iordache Lauren?iu on

Easter Eggs by Maria Enache on