Spooky places abound on Halloween, the one day of the year to revel in all things hair-raising and horror-filled. But many places are bone-chilling year-round—to get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve put together a gallery of some of the creepiest places this side of the underworld. Our brave 500px photographers ventured into abandoned hospitals, eerie cemeteries, remote forests and more to capture these frightening photos. Scroll onwards, if you dare!

creep by Denise Kwong on 500px.com

Zombies are coming! vol.2 by Balazs Szarka on 500px.com

Coulrophobia by Emma Rogers on 500px.com

The abandoned Ste Claire ferry boat used to take v ... by James Devlin on 500px.com

Chapel of the Bones in Evora with human bones by Júnior Braz on 500px.com

BOBO's Workshop by Josh Bakkum on 500px.com

The Haunting by Meagan V. Blazier on 500px.com

My little girl by Patrick ;-) on 500px.com

Dark Corn Maze by Rohit Batra on 500px.com

Morbid Cemetary by Ryan J. Weiss on 500px.com

The AmityVille Horror by Maxim  Guselnikov on 500px.com

Late at night by Mikko Lagerstedt on 500px.com

Untitled by Sergio Rabiela on 500px.com

four spirits by Stefan Baumann on 500px.com

Exodus by Geoff Ridenour on 500px.com

It's not the dark i'm afraid of. It's the silence..... by Kurt Bartolome on 500px.com

corpse under sheet by Sean Gladwell on 500px.com