Underwater photographer Gaby Barathieu‘s latest additions to the 500px Prime marketplace just took our breath away. Gorgeous photographs of whales undulating peacefully in crystal clear waters—sometimes in family groups, sometimes alone—draw you in and refuse to let your attention go.

It immediately makes us wonder what it was like to be there, in person, capturing these images. What must it be like to swim alongside a mammal the size of a school bus?

We’ll be asking the French photographer that exact question and hopefully sharing his answers in an upcoming feature, but for now, scroll and stare wide-eyed at the beauty of Gaby’s photos, and revel in the mystery of it all this #traveltuesday:




Ventre blanc



Humpback Whale Black

Face of the giant




If you want to license any of these or Gaby’s other photos, be sure to pay his 500px Prime store a visit. And if you want to follow him as he captures more beautiful underwater scenes, follow him on 500px, check out his website, or Like him on Facebook.