If’s official: my life goal is to run a gallery exhibition where I have to print my images taller than I am. This goal/dream/fantasy is inspired by none other than Kirsty Mitchell — the creator of the moving Wonderland series, and something of a hero of mine in the photo industry — who recently released a video showing the prep that goes into hosting a Nikon-sponsored gallery showing at the Mead Carney Gallery in London.

The video shows Kirsty inspecting 2-meter tall prints of some of her famous Wonderland images (all of them are on her 500px account, by the way), putting the prints under the scrutiny of a magnifying glass and white cotton art handling gloves.

The highlight of the video, however, has to be at about the 3-minute mark when the cameraman focuses in on a single eye in Kirsty’s “The Pure Blood Of A Blossom” portrait. The detail visible in that eyeball, in every single eyelash, is breathtaking for an art and photo nerd to behold.

See it for yourself below, and then browse through a selection of Kirsty’s world-famous Wonderland images:

To see more of Kirsty’s inspiring work or read the stories behind creating some of these masterpieces, follow her on 500px, check out her website, or like her page on Facebook. And if you’re fortunate enough to be in London between May 7th and 23rd, don’t miss your opportunity to see these prints in person.

You can find out more about the preparations and the upcoming exhibition in this blog post.