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Every now and then, depending on the scene, equipment and settings used, we’ll find an image where Lightroom, ACR, or Photoshop struggle to deal with chromatic aberration. This great little technique will allow you to quickly remove stubborn chromatic aberration like this in Photoshop.

You can download the free action, and Easy Panel here: Easy Panel for Photoshop

Before using this method, it would be wise to try and clean the chromatic aberration from your image in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom. To do this, go to the Lens Corrections module and simply check ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration.’ This often does an excellent job of cleaning up most CA.


An alternative way of using the method in the video is to change the Blend Mode to Color first, and then adjust the Gaussian blur. The preview will allow you to see if you’re using too little or too much blur.


A longer but slightly more precise method is to use the Clone Stamp. If we change the Clone Stamp Blend Mode to Color, and then clone an area with the colour we wish to replace the CA with (in this case we’d clone the ridge under the area with CA), we can then simply paint over the areas affected with CA.


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