Once every month or two, models and photographers get together in the 500px HQ basement in Toronto for a battle to the death! Okay, fine, it’s not so much a “battle to the death” as it is a “fun time taking pictures and networking,” but either way it’s awesome and the photos that come from our Models Vs Photographers events always kick serious butt.

Last time we did a basic portraiture MvP. This time, the theme was “Get Active,” and our models really stepped up to the plate, took their shirts off, and made us all want to cry at the symmetry of their abs.

Jokes aside, us folk who are more comfortable behind the camera than flexing in front of it had a blast taking their pictures, and some stunning shots were captured and uploaded under the hashtag #getactivemvp. Here are 15 of our favorites:

To see more from the Get Active MvP, check out the hashtag here. And if you’re in Toronto, keep an eye on our Facebook page and join us next time we put one of these events on! Who knows… we may even be coming to a city near you if there is a studio willing to house us… *hint hint*.