Ever wonder just how far camera technology has come since SLRs first added that “D” to the beginning of their names? Well you’re in luck! Our friend Jim Goldstein decided to have some fun on his new YouTube channel All Things Photo by comparing the brand new behemoth from Canon, the 50MP 5DS R, with the oldest Canon-branded DSLR in existence, the Canon D2000.

Unsurprisingly, the 5DS R… um… handily beat the D2000 in every single category except one. We’ll let that one be a surprise : )

To find out the one way the D2000 is better than the 5DS R check out the video below, and then have a good laugh by comparing the before and after of Jim’s night photography test with the two cameras:

As Jim says at the end of the video, perhaps the most surprising thing is just how well the super-old great-grandad DSLR kept up with the brand new tech-heavy 5DS R. Sure, you’re limited to 2 megapixels and a CCD sensor that makes you cry in low light, but think of just how old this camera is…

And speaking of crying, as promised, here’s that low light comparison one more time.