Photography topics in the headlines this week: Sony’s A7 III, a review of the Google Clips, the dog photographer, and conceptual images in Iceland. Read on for more of the Very Important Photography Topics currently on our minds at 500px.

1. Sony’s new A7 III is redefining basic

Sony’s new version of its “basic full-frame” camera came with a series of great new features, including a backlit 24.2 MP sensor, a maximum ISO of 204800, and 5-axis optical image stabilization. Despite its lower pricing for a full frame Sony mirrorless, the A7 III has impressive features for its category. As camera reviewer Kai says, Sony just “redefined basic”. Watch the full review below.

Source: PDN

2. Google Clips may need an update

Google’s AI-powered camera created the innovative concept of a hands-free automatic point-and-shoot. While it does a good job of finding images that happen right in front of it, the lack of pan, tilt or zoom limits its framing capabilities, which ultimately leads to fewer photos taken. Maybe an updated version addressing these issues could get this camera closer to its proposed perfect candid seeker.

Source: Resource Mag Online

3. Icelandic conceptual shots by Anya Anti

Last flight by Anya Anti on

Anya Anti is known for her dreamy conceptual photographs. For this particular shot, Anti got inspired by the internet-famous crashed DC-3 plane during her trip to Iceland. Check out her creative process on the video below, and see more of her work on her 500px profile.

Source: Fstoppers

4. The dog photographer

William Wegman spent the past 45 years perfecting his skillful photography of dogs. His unique style includes dressing and posing his canine subjects to create elaborate and enchanting shots. With his rising popularity, his dogs have had appearances on television shows like Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street. Learn more in the video below.

Being Human With the Dog Photographer from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

5. 8 landscapes that’ll make you want to get outside, stat

Natural landscapes are a universal source of inspiration, but it isn’t easy to convey a physical sense of awe with a photo. See more of these inspiring landscapes shots in our roundup post on the 500px Blog.

The Spire by Simeon Pratt on

Scoresbysund Morning Light by Hans-Peter Deutsch on

Patagonia dream by Luka Vunduk on

Notre Dame de la Garde by A|L Photography on

The train to the top by Yuyang Wang on

Rainbow at Stokksnes by Saptashaw Chakraborty on

Cannon Beach Redux by Nathaniel Merz on

Dreaming of Tuscany by Crystal Stephens on