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This week we are excited to introduce you to pamelaloud.

Pam Lau is an independent photographer based in Toronto and Montréal. Pam is a recipient of the Applied Arts Young Blood Photography Award and has been named one of five photographers to watch by the 500px team. She is also the co-founder of Ecru; an educational grassroots initiative supporting emerging marginalized creatives.

Get to Know the Creator and the NFT Space

We’d love to know more about how you got started in photography, and what is your earliest memory of wanting to pursue a creative career?

Photography was never something I could imagine doing as a career growing up. I started taking photos of my friends for fun in high school, using my dad’s film camera from the 70s. 

When I was applying for university, I was preparing for programs in commerce and economics. By chance, I came across a program called Arts Management. I felt a pull towards it simply because it had the word ‘art’ in it. I started freelancing while completing my BA.

What inspires the art that you create?

I believe all photographs to be a form of self-portraiture, whether I’m in the frame or not. I was a very shy kid growing up and photography became my safe space for self-expression. I often want my subjects to feel powerful and confident because I seek that in myself. 

Everything informs my work. Books I read. Movies I watch. The cultures that I absorb. Lately, I have been keeping a dream diary to train my intuition and to create a working dialogue with my subconscious.

Sometimes I plan out detailed art direction in pre-production, and other times I like to leave room for spontaneity. My process is very collaborative; I get energized on set when I’m with a team that’s working towards a common goal. It’s why I’ve always gravitated to on-figure vs. off-figure work.

What made you decide to NFT your artwork? 

I’ll admit I was not an early adopter because I felt a barrier of knowledge. This new platform via 500px felt like the right fit to dive into this space because of its association with a company I’ve worked with and trust.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about the NFT space so far?

Wading through people’s generalized assumptions, I spent a month just observing different spaces and discord servers. I was surprised at the level of community and mutual encouragement for artists to sell their work and make a living doing what they love. It’s much more supportive rather than competitive.

Has the metaverse changed the way you network with other artists and target collectors?

For sure. It’s access to a truly global audience. I’ve expanded my thinking beyond concentrating on only North American markets.

How do you set yourself and your work apart?

By not being afraid to be and express myself in any room that I’m in. The more I get to know myself as a person, the less I find myself making comparisons to others because my goals are unique to me. What I absorb, learn, and experience feeds into what I create and it cannot be replicated.

Why should photographers be excited about NFTs?

Growth does not happen without experimentation, and that involves trying new tools and mediums. It is an exciting time because this signifies a shift in the way art has historically been gatekept by a select few institutions.

Bragging rights seem to be a big thing in the NFT landscape. Promoting newly listed art and highlighting work that sold is a key element to success, do you have any tips for artists who aren’t sure how to get started with self-promoting?

People respond with passion and enthusiasm. Tell your story. Who you are. Your hopes and fears and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. That authenticity is what creates connection.

Where do you hope to see the NFT space go in the future?

I hope it democratizes access and normalizes making a living as an artist. And that opportunities are given to those who have previously faced financial, cultural, and institutional barriers to creative careers.

Any upcoming NFT projects?

I’d like to do a collaborative project, as well as learn more about generative art.

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