The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and we want you to be ready for it.

In a world filled with over-commercialized ideals of love, photographers have the tough job of creating something unique. There are many obvious ways you can pump out Valentine’s day content. You could try using red hearts in your photo or get your models to kiss over a romantic meal. While Valentine’s Day photoshoots have been done many times over, there are still a few ways to photograph creative content that will stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading to check out ideas from the 500px community that you can incorporate in your Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

No faces

Portraying intimacy in photography requires talented models and great direction. Portraying intimacy without faces can be even harder.

As we’ve learned from commercial photography trends, photographs without faces have been growing in popularity. By not showing the face of the subject, it allows the audience members to put themselves in the shoes of the model; thus, the photo becomes more relatable and interesting. Create a romantic scene and let your audience fill in the blanks.

Follow me by David Charouz on

Bare couple feet by the cozy fireplace. Man and Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot... by Djamel Hannachi on

The Same by Martin Neuhof on

Get crafty

Try your hand at shooting some fun flat lays for your Valentine’s Day shoot. You can incorporate hands or just create a fun still life shot. Use bright and bold colors to stand out, or try your hand at muted more natural colored crafts.

I Love You message with small hearts by Michiko Tierney on

The red Heart shapes on abstract background in love concept for by ???? ?????????? on

Retro toy cars with Valentine hearts by Sergey Peterman on

Woman hand holding cup of coffee with love alphabets, Top view o by Supreeya Chantalao on

Incorporate flowers and plants

Flowers are heralded around the world as a sign of love. We have seen the trend of including plants and nature in romantic and intimate photographs. Try using the flora and fauna as the background of the shoot or incorporate it right into the shoot as a main subject.

Steady by Felix Russell-Saw on

Skin & Roses by Eivind Hansen on

Quinn & slim by Junior Asiama on

Close and personal

Get up close and personal with your subjects. Intimacy can be conveyed in many ways through a photograph. Whether it be a tight crop of a close portrait, or catching quick public displays of affection between your subjects. Try and capture what feels like a private and intimate moment—a kiss, holding hands, or intense eye contact.

strong love by Carina Neuberth on

Boundless by Daniel Borgonovi on

Max & Kelly by Naomi Rader on

Encuentro. by Nicolas Fuentes on

Silhouette of young loving couple hugging on the rooftop of city building close up. Romantic... by Anek Sakdee on

Tee and Cass II by Brianna R on

Stay together by Luis Rojas Contreras on

Happy seniors couple having fun dining together on terrace by Alessandro Biascioli on

Use animals

Nothing is purer than the love of a pet.

Animals show love through various physical cues with their owners or each other. Instead of using humans as your subject for Valentine’s Day, try using animals and see what kind of moments you’re able to capture.

Dalmatian and his Family by Bojana Korach on

Together by Kailee Mandel on

valentine pup by Siân Cox on

Set the scene

We’re citing one of the oldest tricks in the book for this tip.

Use your background to set a romantic scene during your Valentine’s Day shoot. Your background could even become a subject itself that you use to tell a story about the subjects.

Try to shoot with a wide-angle lens and give your subjects some space. Shoot from a distance and let your location tell a story.

intimate engagement photography north carolina couples photographer destination engagement photograp by Jason Hampden on

Love on the Move by Kaitlin Palma on

Happy japanese couple dating outdoors in Tokyo by fabio formaggio on

Love by on

romantic beach dinner by Michael Rosenwirth on

Man and woman in the store. Couple in love in Turkey. Man and woman in the Eastern country. Happy... by MISHA SOTNIKOV on

A Song for The Lovers by Violette Nell on

Get some action

Incorporate movement into your shot to give it some life.

Try placing your models on different levels to make the shot more dynamic. Whether you have your models jump or ensure their wardrobe flows in the wind, there are many ways to add key movements into your shot.

Valentines Dance by Jens Unger on

piggybak ride couple by Wisarut Benjamacheewin on

DSC by All Nea on

??? by Marat Safin on

Desert Spirits by Rob Woodcox on

Night in

A big photography trend in 2020 is nesting. A Valentine-themed photoshoot with models indoors cooking a romantic meal or watching a movie is a great idea.

Man and woman hugging in bed. Loving couple in bed having sex. Couple in bed. Wedding night. Make... by MISHA SOTNIKOV on

Young happy couple in the kitchen making salad by Igor Milic on

Middle age couple at the restaurant by Cristian Negroni on

Get artsy

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean cheesy.

Try an avant-garde shoot with your subjects. Whether you host your photoshoot in an unexpected location or try poses or wardrobes that are unique, try getting a bit artsy.

double by Marta Bevacqua on

Compassion makes the world a better place by Justin Rosenberg on

Sisters by Magdalena Berny on

 by Mariana Souza on

Puppets by Bussardel' on

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