Color association is a funny thing: blue and green can both evoke subconscious feelings of security and peace, but for different reasons. Blend them together as turquoise, though, and it’s hard not to be reminded of the sea.

Let this collection of shades of turquoise—curated by 500px alumnus Heather Balmain—wash over you, and spend some mental time by the water.

KM3 by Olya Mruwka on

Some beautiful ceramic design by Gabriela Tulian on

New Copenhagen, 8-Tallet. by Locarl  on

Saturne by Laureen Burton on

alone by Marta Syrko on

Waffle cone with white buttercup flowers over light blue background by Anna Ivanova on

Nicole by Marta Bevacqua on

?????????? by Marat Safin on

waves by hippiekoala photo on

Looking down by Wei San  on

"Contemplating" by Chun Chau on

Classe´ by Isi Akahome on

The Question by WK Cheoh on

26x26 by Oksana Riabokin on

Canoe by Aidan Campbell on

Walking on high heels by Inge Schuster on

Gorée - Colonial houses by Alex ADS on

close up of colorful balloons by Dirk van Goethem on

Perpetual Waterfall by Hardi Saputra on