Here’s a look at the top 10 photos we loved most that were uploaded to 500px this week, curated by our 500px photo editors. Read on to find out why these stunning shots caught our eye.

Dragging pulks back over the sea ice, Greenland by Ben Tibbetts on

What our photo editors loved: When you are a photographer, you are always looking for the perfect light. The warm sunny light against the cold blue tones of the sky and snow makes a perfect color contrast.

First time in Buenos Aires. by Johannes Hulsch on

What our photo editors loved: We loved this very unusual photo of the widest avenue in the world, 9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The way the flowers are framing the shot made this one a stand out!

Yellow tree by Laurent Farges on

What our photo editors loved: Are we the only ones fascinated by underwater photos? This one in particular has an abstract feel to it. The title “Yellow Tree” is pretty descriptive and we love those cold and warm tones of the fish surrounded by the blue water.

? by Paul Sarawak on

What our photo editors loved: What can we say about this? It is amazing, the athlete looks epic in this beam of light.

Stir fried vegetables by Claudia Totir on

What our photo editors loved: We might sound like a broken record, but contrast is a fantastic element to have in your photos. In this photo, we have a rough looking surface contrasting with warm and colour tones of the food. It really helps to emphasize the main subject—stir-fried veggies!

?????????????? by ?? on

What our photo editors loved: This outstanding aerial shot captured a very dramatic natural event. Flying your drone over magma must have been nerve-racking, but it was clearly well worth it!

Polar night by Adnan Bubalo ? on

What our photo editors loved: We loved this gorgeous landscape—especially the warm glowing town, complete with mountains and stars. It is perfectly composed.

Fjaðrárgljúfur beta 1. by Juan Pablo de Miguel on

What our photo editors loved: Being a photographer these days is not just about taking photos, but editing them, as well. This shot has been processed exceptionally; there are so many details, tones, and textures. Amazing!

mummy and ma'nene' ritual , north toraja by Hartono Wijaya on

What our photo editors loved: This photo captured the “Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses.” We were surprised to see something so unusual, and that’s the reason this picture made it onto the list. It reminded us that photography can bring cultures and traditions to light that may be foreign to our own worldview, helping us learn new things every day.

CNV by Anton Saienko on

What our photo editors loved: Window light is always reliable, especially at sunset or dusk. This golden sunlight enhances the smoke in the room and takes the mood to a new level. We love seeing that photographers in our community are still shooting film: you can clearly see a great amount of tonal range, which is difficult to get in a single digital shot.