Another week has come and gone, with thousands of new photos uploaded to 500px along the way. From portraits, to landscapes, to nightscapes, to family photos, to macro images, to wildlife shots, there’s been no shortage of stunning photography uploaded by the community this week.

Which brings us to one of our favorite posts of the week: This Week in Popular! This is our seventh week counting down the 25 most popular photos on 500px as voted on by the community at large, and yet again we’re blown away by the breadth of skill on the website.

Some photographers—think Max Rive, Jake Olson, and Georgiy Chernyadyev—are celebrating yet another appearance on the list, while others are just now breaking into the Top 25 for the very first time.

Congratulations to them all, and good luck to everybody this coming week!

25. Alex by Spiller

24. Ice Fishing by Marco Redaelli

23. Flection by Ted Gore

22. In Dreams by Jake Olson Studios

21. Bagan by Enrico Barletta

20. The Parting by Jessica Drossin

19. A Gold Coast by Alex Noriega

18. The Light is Coming by Enrico Fossati

17. Puzzle of the Sunset by Vaselin Atanasov

16. Drowning in Delirium by Ryan Dyar

15. Panorama by Tiger Seo

14. A Ray of Hope by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

13. Bath Time Splash by Adrian C. Murray

12. Closer to Heaven by Timothy Poulton

11. One Life by Miki Asai

10. Duelo de Titanes by César Vega

9. Cate by Sean Archer

8. Nadya by Georgiy Chernyadyev

7. Perpetual Creativity by Bruce Omori

6. Birth of the Universe by Daniel Kordan

5. Deep Silence by Jay Daley

4. Tiny Baby by Suzy Mead

3. Oceanic Settlement by Janne Kahila

2. Cryogenic Dubai by Daniel Cheong

1. The Endless Search by Max Rive

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