Sure, the word “selfie” may induce a cringe or an eyeroll. But when done right, we have nothing but awe and admiration for these cool self-portraits we stumbled upon on 500px—some are action-packed, some are ripe with emotion. From handheld to remote-controlled shots, check out these striking selfies that will inspire you to get on the other side of the lens.

“Selfie shot in the famous jellyfish lake in Palau.”

“This is a self portrait from Fonts Point in the Anza Borrego State Park. The view is amazing up there during the day and at night.”

“Someone asked me to do this picture, and I made it :D”

“My self.”

“Selfie shot on my bike. Shot this one with the Nikon D700 + 10.5 mm fisheye with shaved hood. I shot 6 images to create a 360°x180° panoramic image. Converted that image to this stereographic image.”

No description

“Under parachute canopy, skydiving.”

“I promised a smile on my next selfshot. Didn’t even need to fake it. This is what the mountains do to me. I love the authenticity of selfies.”

“Classic selfie.”

“This is not a manipulation, I just jumped up and did my best to look like I’m just flying. I triggered photo burst mode shoot with my remote.”


“This was shot during my trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. We got as high as 5550 meters (about 18000 feet).”

“First off, I would like to point out that this selfie is NOT photoshopped (yes, there was some minor editing in Lightroom, but not what you might think). The lightning and rain were faked IN CAMERA. The lightning is a real reflection of a string of pipe cleaner that I bent into the shape of a bolt and illuminated just off camera with a strobe. The water is from a spray bottle I was holding with one hand while I operated a camera remote with the other. I think this is the photo that I’m most proud of, to date.”

No description.

“I had a chance to take the Lytro ILLUM up above SF the other day…”

No description.

“Selfie with Gilbert.”

“Taking a panorama-selfie during a paraglider cross country flight from Kobala to Kobarid in Slovenia.”

“Best waterslide selfie.”

No description.

No description.

“Taking it back to the old school with this dorky skateboarding self portrait.”

“Deep green.”


No description.

“Self-portrait made in studio.”

“Self portrait.”

“That morning we had many huge pieces of ice, so I could jump from one piece to another and get a hundred meters into the ocean, where usually the whales and seals are swimming.”

“Self portrait.”

No description

“Just climbed on the highest crane in town in the morning.”

“Roy’s Peak, New Zealand.”

“Urban nightscape of Shibuya, Japan with long exposure motion blur.”

“Here’s one from the latest (June 1 2013) aurora display in Banff National Park. One of my most memorable nights in the mountains.Self-portrait, Herbert Lake, Banff National Park.”

Cat selfie. (Just kidding, guys!)

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