In Celebration of Black History Month

Every day we work towards a fair playing field for all but this February, in honor of Black History Month the 500px team has created the Share the Lens campaign as an opportunity to celebrate Black culture and shine even more light on the importance of redefining representation and driving inclusivity.

Accurate and inclusive representation in the photography industry matters, the creative community must strive for diversity at all times as what we see in media we slowly grow to normalize. In the past, photography has had narrow representations of real life. However, in the past few years, we have seen progress. Activism around Black Lives Matter helped bring inequality issues to the forefront and many other campaigns have worked to increase visibility for black creatives or black-owned businesses.

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We’ve created three unique Quests that focus on stories that promote diversity and inclusion and partnered with three talented photographers who will be judging them with a trained eye.

Starting today you can submit your photos to any of the Quests to win one of three $500 US cash prizes. 

The Quests

Representation Through Portraits

Portraits have an archival nature and the ability to give power to the subject. This Quest was created with the aim of giving agency and visibility to the black community. Portraiture can be created in many ways, from documentary feeling to editorial and fine art but the best portraits always tell a story and pull you into the eyes of the subject.
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About the Judge:

Segun-Kabir Sani is a visual storyteller and a firm believer in passion and creativity has core ingredients to his craft. Either hunting for inspiration or waiting patiently for food at his favorite restaurants, he always has a camera nearby. His images mainly use natural light and are structured around real authentic moments rather than posed forced photos. He continually aims for the real thing, hunting for those strong emotions that result in beautiful, honest and raw images.


Documenting Equality

With a lean toward a documentarian style of photography, this Quests was formulated with the aim of making visible the freedom inherent in current-day society and the moves made to get there. Create work that encapsulates streetlife and candid moments of black lives
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About the Judge:

Tope Adenola is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Lagos – Nigeria. Known for his versatility, creative drive, and being one of the most sought-after youth photographers in Nigeria, Tope has earned multiple recognitions and has had his photographs published in prestigious editorial magazines. Being a big believer in giving back to his community, Tope is currently running a program that offers free photography training across African countries.


Diverse Voices

Juxtaposing different people and cultures can result in captivating visuals. Photographers capturing the diversity of individuals gives us a deeper understanding of the world. This Quest was created to showcase rich diversity.

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About the Judge:

Dahyembi Joi Neil is a portrait, editorial and lifestyle photographer based out of Chicago. She has always been passionate about the world of art and photography is her way of expressing that passion. Dahyembi hopes that her photography ignites feelings of inspiration, admiration, and love for the people and world she has created through her lens.

Why Submit?

These Quests were created to increase the visibility of diverse voices and continue to work towards a more inclusive future. In the process, you will be supporting a community of talented black creatives as well as having the opportunity to be monetarily rewarded for your amazing work and receive feedback from our experienced Jury regarding their decision on the winning photographs.

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