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Flying over Hong Kong, looking down onto the street markets of Bangkok, gazing across glassy waters to the colorful homes in the Netherlands, this week’s journey was all about the color. With the popular faded film look dominating social media these days, it’s often nice to see the world in the vibrant colors that truly exist.

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Gullfoss, Iceland
by Wim Denijs

The Golden Foss by wim denijs on 500px.com

Injae, Korea
by Tiger Seo

Secret garden by Tiger Seo on 500px.com

Tuscany, Italy
by Guerel Sahin

Tuscany Awakening by guerel sahin on 500px.com

Vatnajokull, Iceland
by Yiannis Pavlis

Ice Cave by Yiannis Pavlis on 500px.com

by Gürkan Gündo?du

Life is beautiful by Gürkan Gündo?du on 500px.com

Bangkok, Thailand
by Manjik Photography

Night shopping by Manjik photography on 500px.com

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
by Darren J Bennett

When Stars Collide. by Darren J Bennett on 500px.com

Hong Kong
by Peerakit Jirachetthakun

Hong Kong - Line of Defense by Peerakit Jirachetthakun 3624 on 500px.com

Reitdiephaven, Groningen, Netherlands
by Mirco Gugg

Color Palette by Mirco Gugg on 500px.com

by Legends of the Winter

Morning in Golden Valley by Legends of the Winter on 500px.com