12 Days. 12 Quests. 12 Prizes.
One of the most important things as a photographer is your kit and this Questmas we’re bringing you 12 different chances to expand it! We have partnered up with some amazing brands to make our 4th annual Questmas one to remember.

‘Tis the season to get creative and put your skills to the test. From December 1 to 12, you can submit your photos to any of the twelve Questmas challenges (it’s free to enter) for a chance to win a prize that is sure to add value to your photography kit. Whether you shoot wildlife, editorial, portraiture… There’s something for everyone.

There is no cost to submit your photos but you must be part of the 500px community. If you’re not already a member but you want to take part in the festivities, you can sign up today for free.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and as you explore our themes and prizes in more detail you’ll see why. You really don’t want to miss out on this selection of high-quality gear. 

If you’d rather just skip right into the festivities head over to the Questmas headquarters to submit your photo now. 


Our Twelve Questmas Prizes


The Quests and Prizes

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Defined by its extreme simplicity, minimalism can have a meditative effect. Show us how minimalism is far from boring.

Prize details: TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 Lens
TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 is a compact lens with a great optical performance and a well-built full metal body. The black paint on the lens will fall off over time, revealing the color of brass showing a retro style.


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A type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

Prize details: AD100Pro Creating Kit
AD100Pro has brought endless inspiration for Godox users to create on the go. Its abundant light-shaping accessories are also specially designed for traveling, allowing for all the light-shaping possibilities you may want in the studio. The all-new color design brings you a brand new lighting experience like never had before. Let color in, and let the creative juice flow.


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Urban environments often feature unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places. This is a chance to capture unexpected moments showing street life or architecture.

Prize details: 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod Kit
The Manfrotto 055 collection is designed to provide unlimited creativity for professionals guaranteeing better-than-ever camera stability. The 055PRO3 kit includes the groundbreaking 055 aluminum 3-section tripod with a 90° column system, which can be used for an extensive range of video and photography applications, and the XPRO 3-Way head for more accurate framing on all axes.


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Nature photography is an overarching genre that incorporates both wildlife and landscape photography.

Prize details: Hadley Pro 2020
An upgraded version of the popular, Hadley Pro Camera Bag. Fits most DSLRs (without a battery grip) or almost any mirrorless camera and 2-3 small-to-medium sized lenses with accessories (inc 70-200mm lens not attached to the camera). Made in England with 3-layer waterproof fabric and real leather.


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Travel has changed the way we see and experience the world. Travel photography captures a world of adventure whether that’s an intense hike, a voyage across the ocean, or through the sky.

Prize details: Brian 2.0 Tripod
Brian 2.0 is an epic travel tripod from 3LT’s Punks range. It’s equally useful for everyday use and macro photography thanks to its modular construction. Brian 2.0 has three detachable legs that enable conversion to monopods, boom arms, and a low-level/tabletop tripod.


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Aerial photography captures the world from above. This could include photos taken by drones, aerials taken from up high, or photos that capture the people, places, or things that exist below you and your camera.

Prize details: ProTactic BP 350 AW II
The ProTactic BP 350 AW II professional modular camera backpack is part of Lowepro’s efforts towards sustainability through a Green Line project and has been updated to include 64% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics, to reduce water waste and negative impact on the environment.


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Architectural photography is about capturing not only the design and accurate representation of a building but having the shots be aesthetically pleasing to the viewer’s eye.

Prize details: Alpha Globetrotter XC Camera Backpack
New for 2022, the Alpha Globetrotter XC Camera Backpack is the next generation of our best selling camera backpack. The first version of this bag was launched in 2014 and it’s been our best selling camera bag since. Iterated over the years, we’ve taken customer feedback on board and are proud to present this latest version, designed by us, and refined by you.


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Editorial photography can tell a story. There should be an apparent narrative to the image that is cultivated by an artistic eye and technical expertise.

Prize details: Fractals Classic 3-Pack Lens Filter Kits
These prismatic camera filters can augment your photos slightly or create kaleidoscope-like effects. Fractals adapt to your ever-changing shooting habits, shooting style, and environment. The patented PrismaLed optics give photographers more brilliant reflections than normal glass.


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Wildlife photography is a genre of photography concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in its natural habitat.

Prize details: Gitzo Tripod Kit
Gitzo kit is composed of the Systematic GT5543LS tripod and the GH4383LR Center Ball Head Series 4, a heavy-duty tripod head ideal for large telephoto lenses, engineered to ensure the ultimate in smoothness and precision of movement. Though weighing in at less than 1kg, it securely holds an impressive 30kg load – effortlessly handling a CSC or DSLR equipped with a 400-600mm lens.


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Monochrome images are created in varying tones of only one color. This is a way to show creativity, and technical skill while capturing your viewer’s attention.

Prize details: Moza Slypod Pro
The Slypod Pro is more than just a monopod. This new motorized monopod perfectly combines the sliding movement of a slider and the lifting movement of a jib arm, in exquisite body size. With Slypod Pro, unique shots at any possible angle can be captured smoothly and precisely, from horizontal to oblique, vertical to hanging and encircling.


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Photographing your pets is about capturing their personality, their funny and sweet moments and their habits.

Prize details: $300 US worth of Long Weekend Gear
Win $300 US worth of products that are versatile and comfortable while elevating your outfit because we believe that you should never have to choose between style, function, and durability


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Conceptual photography is all about ideas, symbols, and themes. It’s the perfect way to express yourself and make the most of your creative freedom.

Prize details: Rotation 22L Backpack
Rotation180® technology enables photographers to quickly access their camera without taking off the backpack. Simply rotate the integrated belt pack to the front of your body and your camera is at your fingertips. Snap the shot, slide the belt pack back in, and you’re on your way!

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