500px is committed to providing photographers with opportunities to participate in evolving trends within commercial advertising. We not only want to provide an authentic look at global experiences, but redefine representation and drive inclusivity within commercial photography.

This commitment is why we joined the “Project #ShowUs” initiative alongside Dove, Girl Gaze, and Getty Images. To further grow this diverse and inclusive Commercial Collection, 500px will be launching monthly opportunities for female and non-binary photographers to take part in, and support, Project #ShowUs.

Every month, from now until December, a different themed Project #ShowUs brief will open for submissions, each focusing on an important theme or concept that closely connects to challenging the ways women have been represented within the media.

Monthly, 500px will be awarding five $200 US prizes to woman-identifying and non-binary photographers who want to tell their stories as part of the Project #ShowUs: Commercial Collection.

This month’s theme for Project #ShowUs:

Active Lifestyle

For this theme, we will be looking for photos that highlight women and non-binary individuals active in sports, activity, work, and any other physically demanding daily tasks.

Within sports, women athletes are continuing to gain momentum, commanding commercial attention, and attracting a culture shift, while pursuing messages of female empowerment. As women’s sports have grown in popularity, the need to redefine and shift gender bias and stereotypes in this sector are at an all-time high.

Learn More and submit your photos to the Project #ShowUs: Active Lifestyle Brief

Winners & Selection Process

Five woman-identifying or non-binary photographers will each receive a prize of $200 US to help develop a 50 photo commercial series to be featured within this Collection.

The opportunity to participate within this Commercial Collection will be awarded by the 500px team, and will be selected based on the applicant’s ability to execute on the requirements of the Project #ShowUs Brief. 500px will take into account the photographer’s portfolio, as well as the narrative within the submission.

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