Ask any photographer what the most important element of photography is, and they will tell you it comes down to the lighting. Without light, there is no image, too much of it, and the shot is ruined. Mastering the ability to control light is invaluable, and together with iFootage Gear, we’re bringing you the opportunity to showcase your skills in a new Quest!

The Emotive Lighting Quest will award four lucky winners a prize bundle valued at $620 US. A bundle of lighting gear will allow the chosen photographers to create the ideal lighting scenario anywhere their heart desires, so the perfect studio shot will be only a click away.

About the brand

Our sponsor, iFootage Gear, strives to revolutionize camera support equipment through unparalleled design and craftsmanship. At their core, they are always looking to innovate and listen to their customers’ needs to improve their products and the creative experience. They design award-winning camera support equipment, from tripods to sliders, with creativity in mind.

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Portraits with creative lighting

Image cred (from left to right): Mads Thomsen, Babak Fatholahi, Eppie Goytia, Angelina Nychyporuk

The brief

This Quest is open to photographers of all skill levels—we welcome you to submit your photos regardless of camera device. Photography doesn’t need to be limited by your tools, and we want to make the practice as accessible as possible. However, the images you submit must focus on the light and the emotions you can convey within the frame.

Every submission must demonstrate the theme of using lighting to capture and enhance emotions in people. Photographs should depict a clear emotional narrative influenced by the lighting.

The use of natural or artificial lighting should be central to the composition and mood of the photograph. Light should play a key role in highlighting emotions and creating shadows, contrasts, and textures.

Enter now!

The prize pack

Each winner will be awarded an iFootage prize package valued at $620 US, featuring top-tier lighting equipment that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.

iFootage prize package

This bundle includes:

  • A400 Round Base Monopod
    This compact and versatile monopod provides the most stable support for cameras and lighting equipment.
  • Anglerfish SL1 200BNA
    Experience unparalleled lighting quality with the Anglerfish 200BNA, equipped with cutting-edge technology for achieving precise and life-like colors.
  • 90cm Quick Release Dome Softbox
    Completing the bundle is the 90CM Dome Softbox, providing even, diffused lighting for portraits, interviews, and more. Bring your A-game, and push the boundaries of your visual storytelling!

To increase your chances of winning:

  • Be selective with your photos and curate your images before submitting them.
  • Images should be kept as high-resolution as possible, and avoid compression to maintain image quality.
  • We strongly recommend including your EXIF data.
  • Participants should explain briefly (in a sentence or two) how they used lighting to achieve the emotional impact in their submission

Check out the Quest brief for more tips to up your odds of being one of four lucky winners.

Light it up! Join the Emotive Lighting Quest!

Now that you’re all caught up on the details, don’t miss your chance to win this amazing prize bundle from our friends at iFootage Gear. The contest runs from April 10, 2024 to May 8, 2024, so get your submissions in to be considered.

Participating in the Emotive Lighting Quest brings you closer to owning incomparable lighting gear—we love that for you.

Submit your photos here.

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