A couple of months ago, we featured a captivating set of images captured by Eric Paré. Eric travelled to El Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, along with dancer Kim Henry to experience this magical place where “the horizon becomes an abstract concept and you lose all notions of perspective.”

The photos he came back with were gorgeous, and you can read all about those images and the journey to capture them here. But Eric is, of course, not the only person to spend time in El Salar de Uyuni.

Time-lapse photographer and once upon a time 500px user (COME BACK PLEASE) Enrique Pacheco recently travelled to the flats, where he captured Eric’s words about the horizon beautifully in time-lapse form.

The video was only uploaded 3 days ago, but already it has almost 100K views on Vimeo! Check it out below to find out why:

From the video’s description:

The reflections produced by the water flooding in the rainy season, are the main protagonist Enrique Pacheco´s camera, who invites us to dream with impossible images from another world, where the sky meets the earth forming an infinite mirage.

To see more from Pacheco, visit his website or show him some love on Facebook and Twitter. And if you REALLY love this time-lapse, Pacheco was kind enough to provide a link to three high-res desktop wallpapers you can download here.

[H/T PetaPixel]