According to a recent report from Neilsen, podcasts are experiencing tremendous growth, with the US podcast audience expected to double by 2023. With as many as 62 million Americans listening to podcasts—and over 800,000 active podcasts available at our fingertips—more people than ever are turning to audio.

Why are podcasts so popular? Research suggests that nearly three out of every four listeners tune in to learn new things. Of course, that includes photographers looking to brush up on their technical skills, develop business strategies, and learn from the best in the industry. With so many amazing shows about photography on the market, we wanted to take a look at 15 of them that have inspired loyal followings of photographers, photo editors, and curators throughout the years.

We’ve included a bit of everything, from business-oriented shows to in-depth discussions on the ethics and nuances of the medium. Whether you’re a documentary photographer, a commercial photographer, or a hobbyist looking to learn more about the latest gear, these podcasts have you covered. Feel free to add your picks in the comments below!

This Week in Photo Podcast Logo

This Week in Photo

Frederick Van Johnson hosts this long-running podcast consisting of weekly roundtable discussions with photographers, photojournalists, and more about the present and future of the industry. You’ll get intimate discussions with photographers one week, and hot takes on the newest gear from major companies the next. Whether you’re looking for inspiration from photographers’ personal journeys or seeking practical tips to improve your shots, there’s something in here for you.

B and H Photography Podcast Logo

B&H Photography Podcast

We included New York City’s legendary B&H photo store as part of our article on the best places to buy a camera, and their podcast is also worth a listen. While many photography podcasts cover a specific genre or area of expertise—like business tips or fine art or documentary photography—this one is a veritable treasure trove of information for everyone ranging from the enthusiast to the seasoned pro.

One day, you could tune in to learn about food photography styling, and the next, you could travel through the annals of photo history to hear some of the stories behind the world’s most iconic images. Interested in portraiture, wildlife photography, or photojournalists covering our current pandemic? B&H has you covered.

The Audacious Babe Podcast Logo

The Audacious Babe

Created for “bold, fearless, and audacious female photographers,” this podcast is hosted by Magdalena Mahdy, who covers everything from growing and running a business to booking clients to maintaining mental health and managing stress. She also features behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from working photographers about the challenges they overcame and the careers they’ve built, whether it’s in a niche like birth photography or destination wedding photography.

The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis, whom you might know as the founder of CreativeLive, initially started this show as a live video broadcast, though it’s now available as a podcast. A photographer himself, Chase speaks with leading filmmakers, entrepreneurs, writers, and more to get their best insights for building a career and making the most of your passion. He doesn’t just speak with photo industry insiders; alongside the Pulitzer winners and household names, you’ll get honest, actionable insights from everyone from psychologists to best-selling authors, all geared towards helping you live a productive creative life.

The Candid Frame Podcast Logo

The Candid Frame

This podcast from Ibarionex Perello isn’t just one of the best—it’s also the most enduring. Since 2006, this weekly interview podcast has aired over 500 episodes, each featuring intimate conversations with the people behind some of the most memorable images of the last decades. Over the course of the show, Ibarionex has interviewed everyone from Maggie Steber and Donna Ferrato to Ami Vitale and Christina Mittermeier.

In a recent, must-listen episode, he spoke with Cheriss May and Idris T. Solomon about covering the protests following the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor—and the role of photographers in this pivotal moment in history.

The black shutter podcast logo

The Black Shutter Podcast

Speaking of Idris T. Solomon, he hosts his own podcast devoted to the work and experiences of Black and Brown photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives. He’s interviewed some of the most inspiring voices of our time, from Lynsey Weatherspoon to Anthony Geathers, who cover everything from the realities of freelancing to the importance of compassionate, ethical photography.

The Diffusion tapes podcast logo

The Diffusion Tapes

Created by Blue Mitchell, the publisher of the photography magazine Diffusion, this podcast introduces listeners to the world of fine art photography through conversations with artists, curators, and writers. Blue’s conversations are candid, open, and insightful, due in part to his existing relationships with movers and shakers within the industry. All discussions take place face-to-face, so they unfold naturally for an authentic, immersive vibe—as if you’re right there in the room with them.

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast Logo

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

With more than 700 episodes and counting, this series from the renowned nature and wildlife photographer Martin Bailey features interviews, technical tips, gear reviews, notes on creativity, and first-person travelogues from the artist himself.

Martin’s stories alone are worth the listen, from close encounters with Japan’s stunning wildlife to adventures through Morocco’s Chefchaouen blue city. Within each of these engrossing tales, you’ll find tons of educational info, whether it’s tips on shooting and metering modes or advice on managing your post-processing workflow.

A small voice photography podcast logo

A Small Voice

Hosted by Ben Smith, this fortnightly podcast features discussions with more than a hundred photographers to date, among them Roger Ballen, Phillip Toledano, Mark Steinmetz, Rebecca Noris Webb and Alex Webb, Todd Hido, Martin Parr, Ron Haviv, Bruce Gilden, and many others. We also recommend listening to his conversation with Daniel Regan, who created, which showcases and examines mental health and wellbeing through photography.

Pro Photographer Journey Podcast Logo

Pro Photographer Journey

Chamira Young hosts this podcast about all things photography, from technical tips to hard-earned business lessons. Her interviewees are experts at the top of their fields—from dog portraitist Emma O’Brien to celebrity photographer Jesse Dittmar to food photographer Tyler Darden—and they’re all willing to share how they got to where they are and what it takes to create a successful photography business. If you’re looking for marketing tips, personal stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, this is the podcast for you.

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat Photography Podcast Logo

Shoot, Edit, Chat, Repeat

This award-winning series from Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd features insightful interviews chock-full of business tips for photographers. It’s geared mostly towards “people photographers,” like family and portrait photographers, but there are useful nuggets in here for any creative entrepreneur, whether you’re looking for social media marketing tips, advice for dealing with pressure, tools for attracting more clients, or inspiration for embarking on a personal project.

Scenario Podcast Logo


Hosted by Jessica McDermott, this series follows photographers as they research and shoot their projects. Each episode feels like an audio documentary, and each story is unique and unexpected, like the journey of Claire Hewitt, who takes landscape photos for her pen-friend Duke, who is serving a sentence on death row. It’s not exactly an interview podcast, nor is it about tips and tricks behind the camera, but the stories are compelling and will stay with you long after you’re finished listening.

Magic Hour Podcast Logo

Magic Hour

Since 2016, Jordan Weitzman has hosted this interview series, featuring intimate and in-depth conversations with established and emerging photographers—often in-person and at the artists’ homes. Past guests include Susan Meiselas, Rosaline Fox Solomon, Alec Soth, Duane Michals, and many more. In addition to speaking with photographers, Jordan has also picked the brains of industry leaders like the writer Teju Cole, the photo editor Siobhán Bohnacker, and the photo curator Drew Sawyer.

Photography Tips from the Top Floor Podcast Logo

Tips from the Top Floor

This weekly show from the photographer and educator Chris Marquardt covers a wide variety of topics, from photo editing to industry news to challenges to get your creative juices flowing. Chris also regularly takes listener questions, and he breaks down the technical aspects of photography in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. There are almost 900 episodes to date, so you won’t run out of tricks to learn anytime soon.

The Photo Banter Podcast Logo

The Photo Banter

Hosted by the photographer Alex Gagne, this series features honest, in-depth conversations with leading voices in the industry—offering up inspirational stories, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and insider tips. Past guests include Larry Fink, Amy Lombard, Art Streiber, Ed Templeton, Stefan Ruiz, Andre D. Wagner, Jesse Burke, and many more.

You’ll hear the never-before-told stories behind some of their most memorable images and projects, from the heartbreaking to the exhilarating and everything in between. In a recent episode, Alex spoke with three photo editors—Jane Yeomans from Bloomberg Businessweek, Sacha Lecca from Rolling Stone, and Jesse Reiter from Wine Enthusiast—about their tips for working during the coronavirus crisis.

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