Photography news in the headlines this week: reaction to the new Lightroom CC, celebrating Wildlife Photographer of the Year and seriously spooky places. Read on for more of the topics worth discussing in the photography community this week.

1. What’s the verdict on Lightoom CC?

Adobe revealed the new cloud-based Lightroom CC this week, and people had a lot of feelings about it.

The most immediately-obvious difference from Lightroom Classic is the cloud sync — there’s still a local storage option for users, but by default, photos are loaded stored in the cloud. Think of Lightroom CC as the younger, nomadic cousin of the original, who lives out of a van and uses “wanderlust” in everyday conversation.

Not coincidentally, that (semi-hyperbolic) untethered description fits the audience that Adobe is going after with Lightroom CC.

“We’ve seen a big shift where everybody has a high-quality camera in their pocket,” Adobe director of product management Tom Hogarty told TechCrunch.

But while Lightroom CC may not be intended for pro photographers, that doesn’t mean they’re not excited about it.

Check out these reviews from FStoppers and Digital Photography Review, each of which had a different take on Lightroom CC, through the lens of a pro photog.

2. What’s the spookiest place you’ve ever shot?

Halloween’s around the corner and we’ve got ghoulish settings on the brain, but it wouldn’t be a monster mash without the 500px community. So we’re putting the question out to you: what’s the spookiest location you’ve ever shot? We rounded up a few eerie location photos from 500px members to get you started with a properly-chilled spine.

Oculus Reflection by Malcolm Brown on

St. Paul's Chapel by Scott Morath on

Letchworth by Darryl Hills on

Letchworth Village by Paul Tuccillo on

Green-Wood Cemetery by Nick Pierce on

Resting in the Shadows by Aaron Johnson on

Share your spooky locations in the comments, or tag us Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

3. 500px photographer snags wildlife photography award

The London Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards are a gold-standard accolade in wildlife photography. So when the winners were announced this week, we were thrilled to see 500px photographer Peter Delaney among them. Peter won the “Animal Portraits” category, for his photo “Contemplation“, of chimpanzees in Uganda. Congratulations, Peter!

Check out the full gallery of Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners, and see more of Peter’s 500px photography below.

Chimpanzee, The Clasp by Peter Delaney on

Spirited by Peter Delaney on

Lion by Peter Delaney on

4. How to handle friends asking for discounts on photography

It’s one of the ultimate awkward scenarios for a photographer — a friend wants you to shoot for them, but at a steep discount. What do you say?

Olufemii Tutorials tackled this unfortunately not-hypothetical scenario on YouTube with stellar advice. Watch the video below to find out what he had to say on the subject.

5. A new perspective on Canada’s Dempster Highway

500px photographer Jonathon Reed shared the next installment of his cycling adventure across Canada this week on the 500px blog, and the stories behind the shots. Check out a snapshot of Canada’s Dempster Highway below, and read the full post here.

Inuvik, NT by Jonathon Reed on

Klondike, YT by Jonathon Reed on

Tuktoyaktuk, NT by Jonathon Reed on

6. A nostalgic summer gallery, if you’re craving sunshine

Shifting from freezing landscapes to sun-soaked vistas, we’ve got a selection of summery photos on the 500px blog for anyone who needs a virtual hit of vitamin D, now that the fall chill has officially settled in. Indulge in a little #FlashbackFriday below with warm-weather photos for the windy days ahead.

Chasing Waves by Li Xu on

Curves by Stan Icart on

Third half by Alexander Kaunas on

7. Highlights from Editor’s Choice

Here’s a look at the photos we’re loving, curated by our Guest Editors, Antonett Ewan and Austin Neill, and 500px photo editors this week on Editors’ Choice.

Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in New York City by Justin Tierney on

Watching the sunset from 32000ft by Chantz Martin on

Untitled by David Thompson Fairchild on

The Knight of the Rose by Elke Vogelsang on

Jellyfish by Christoph on

Lotus by farruk bhuiyan on

Desert cheetah by Pietro Olivetta on

Bel Bibaha Ceremony in Nepal by Skanda Gautam on

Mimic by Max Cat on