Yashica-D by John Barbiaux

A few days ago, a seemingly mundane video captivated the hearts and minds of the online photographic community.

Created by photographer Andrew Jamieson of Andy Creative, the video below shows his entire medium format process—from loading the film, to taking the picture, to developing the roll, to scanning in and post-processing the shots—in four mesmerizing minutes.

Click play below to watch for yourself:

We’re not entirely sure why this video has gotten so much traction, but it has. The video received almost 1,000 upvotes on Reddit, some 2.5K likes on PetaPixel alone, and has been shared by just about every photo blog online.

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the demonstration, maybe how complete it is, or maybe all us digital shooters are desperate for the consideration and thought that goes into shooting a very expensive roll of 12 exposures—something digital no doubt loses—but whatever the case, we love this video. We hope you do too.