The Global Environmental Protection Photography Competition is now open!

500px photographers can submit their photos now to take part in our largest wildlife Quest to date. With six themes, over $25,000 US in prizes, and an exhibition. This is one for the books!

To enter the competition:

  • Go to Quests on 500px
  • Review the brief and inspiration images
  • Select the category you want to submit to (you can submit to as many categories as you like)
  • Upload your images


Mammals – Mammals are among the most adaptable animals on the planet, found on every continent and in every ocean. Show us their unique characteristics while capturing them in their natural habitat.

Amphibians + Reptiles – Capture the fascinating nature of creatures who live both on land and in water, whether hopping across leaves or catching flies.

Insect – Insects have been around for longer than any other terrestrial life. Show us photos that capture our six-legged friends in their natural habitats and highlight their unexpected beauty.

Birds – Capture these elegant animals, whether flying, running, jumping or diving. Birds with their feathers, wings, and beaks create jaw-dropping subjects.

Plants + Fungi – Capture nature’s unique ability to create life, show us the diversity of plants and fungi in the wild.

Humans in Nature – Show us people and nature in harmony with each other, through captivating landscapes that include humans.

Cash Awards

There will be ten winners per category. All sixty winners will have the work exhibited at the Global Environmental Protection exhibition this November in Lishui.

The first-place winner for each category will receive: $2400 US
Three runners-up for each category will receive: $550 US
Six honorable mentions for each category will receive: $100 US

What our Editors are looking for

    • Sharp in-focus subjects
    • Strong placement of the elements within the frame, using the environment effectively
    • Expertise in working with natural light. Lighting is at the core of successful wildlife photography


Tips When Shooting

      • Use the right lens. Opt for a telephoto lens if you need distance between you and your subject but want to get up close. If you’re working with small subjects, a macro lens is your best bet.
      • Make sure you protect yourself and your gear from the elements.
      • If you want to freeze animals in motion, the tripod is your friend.
      • Do your pre-shoot research. It is essential you understand the animals and environment when working with wildlife.
      • Be patient. Animals scare easily. Get low and wait for the right moment to press that shutter.



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