We’re a little late to this artist feature, but we’re also convinced that a photo story this wonderful doesn’t lose its impact with time.

New Zealand-based photographer and 500px member Holly Spring‘s photos went viral last year when the world was inspired and touched by her portraits of her daughter Violet.

Violet struggled early on in life with Hirschsprung’s Disease, was born without a left hand, and almost died from surgical complications before Holly ever had a single photo of her. It was these things that ultimately drove Holly to pick up a camera and begin her photographic journey.

By capturing Violet in a plethora of magical scenarios, Holly hopes to teach her daughter that anything is possible—as a result, she’s inspired the rest of us with the same, wonderful message:

Editor’s note: In the giraffe picture, Violet is missing her right and not left hand. This was an intentional change made by Holly, “for creative purposes and continuity of light and narrative.” This photo went on to win Gold at the NZIPP Epson Iris Awards.

Of course, Holly’s skills behind the camera and in Photoshop are not reserved solely for images of her daughter. She’s a skilled portraitist no matter who is in front of her lens.

To see more of her work, give her a follow on 500px, visit her website, or go say hello on Facebook and Twitter.