Are you ready to have your mind absolutely blown by the power of makeup, perspective, and post-processing? Because that is what is about to happen if you haven’t yet seen the collaborative work of photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan.

Their collaboration to create the series 2D or Not 2D and Weird Beauty went viral in 2013 and continue to resurface every few months as they’re re-discovered by art and photography lovers the world over.

There really are no words to properly describe what you’re about to see, so we’ll show instead of tell. The first portrait in particular will leave you mouth-agape — look at her eye to see that it really is a portrait and not a drawing:

Want to see how this kind of incredible work is done? Lucky for you, Alexander and his partner in crime Veronica Ershova decided to create a creepy-but-incredible real-life version of Marge Simpson last year, and captured a BTS video of the entire transformation process:

Here’s a closer look at the final product:

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