Did you catch a glimpse of the stunning Blood Moon Eclipse last night? We definitely saw red—and the night sky has never been so awe-inspiring.

Let’s start with a couple of cool yet profound reaction tweets from actor Wil Wheaton and NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to set the mood…

Now take a look at these mind-bending images shot and produced by a handful of 500px photographers across the globe.

“This was taking with Canon 5D Mark III with 300L. A plane flew by as I took the picture which gave these cool light streaks.” – Leon DeSimone

“Lunar Eclipse, captured 4/14/14 above Southern California. There are also a few stars visible in the background. Please view on black for better effect. I hope that you enjoy.” – T Dingle

“It has been almost seven years since the last time I had the opportunity to photograph a lunar eclipse. If you missed the eclipse I hope this image provides a strong visual of what the moon looks like as it is passing into the earth’s shadow. The exposure range between the illuminated and shaded sides of the moon required blending of six exposures. Blend of six exposures taken at 400mm focal length. At 400mm the exposure times must be kept under one second to keep the Earth’s rotation from blurring the moon. Exposures for the bright side of the moon were about 1/80 second at f/5.6, ISO 100. The dark side required an ISO of 800 to keep the exposure under one second.” – Sean Bagshaw

“Blood Moon over San Diego | 4-15-2014 Lunar Eclipse” – Timothy Green

“Composite of before, during and after the lunar eclipse.” – Charles Lindsey

“I took about 125 photos with three cameras. Yes – This is a composite of 20 photos (from Cam #1 and #2) I made/stacked ontop of another (for accuracy) reference composite of 20 photos (from Cam #3) of the moons path during the eclipse. Yup, the moon is a little bigger than it should be, but I did that for a pleasing effect. So this is pretty much what the moon and its path looked like over downtown Albuquerque during the lunar eclipse. Hopefully you guys like it. I’m tired.”

(No description.)

“Total Lunar Eclipse from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This is the first Lunar Eclipse in a series of four eclipses that coincide with the Jewish High Holidays of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. The other common name for a total Lunar Eclipse is a Blood Moon. This photo was taken with a 500mm f/4 lens with stacked 2x and 1.4x teleconverters, 100% no crop.” – Hector Vilorio

“Full Lunar Eclipse, 4/15/14, under the Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO.” – Brett Weinstein

“Lunar Eclipse from 4/15/2014” – Shawna Swaim

“Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse was an unforgettable experience for me! It was such a great sight to see. Here is a 8-photo panoramic taken through a 12″ LX Meade 200 telescope with a Canon 6D in Tucson, AZ.” – Sean Parker

“Last night’s eclipse was awesome! The sky was clear and the moon gave us a great show overhead, so I made this composite photo from my experience at the observatory. This is a composite from the night work using two cameras. The telescope from the observatory was taken with my Nikon D600 with a Nikon 24-70 at 28mm, while the moon photos were taken with my Nikon D7000 using a rented Nikon 80-400 at 400mm; then I scaled the moons to only 40% of the full size.” – Sergio Garcia Rill

“Time lapse taken of the Blood Moon in Los Angeles, CA.” – Mike Danenberg

“I went up to my favourite hill in Canberra to photograph the Lunar Eclipse only to be confronted by clouds, and I mean clouds. Got some awesome shots of the amazing sunset but the moon eluded me…then as I was walking back to my car in the dark BANG there it was. Popped out from behind the clouds. Grabbed my tripod and camera out of the bag and set up as quick as I could. I rattled off about 6 shots before it disappeared behind the clouds.”

“Last night (4/14/14) the blood moon appeared in the sky. I stayed up and decided to capture it, unfortunately the clouds set in before the full red moon effect was present. This was the only picture I was able to capture before the moon disappeared behind the clouds.” – Ben

“Photo stacked 31 images.” – Peter Mayo

“A circular progression of the April 15th lunar eclipse.” – Justin Ehlert

“Taken at 6,300′ near Truckee, California.” – Doug Jones

“Lunar Eclipse Composite Series. Can’t remember when I’ve stayed up all night, but watching this event was rewarding enough to make it worth it. Images taken every 30 minutes for duration of eclipse. Tucson, Arizona” – Sara Therese Photography

“The Blood Moon Rising over the MCG light towers.” – Wolf Cocklin

(No description.)

“Bloody Moon, full lunar eclipse.” – Jesús Castro

“Photo of moon during a total lunar eclipse event in Australia. This photo shows the moon in a partial eclipse state after totality had finished, and shows a bright white edge on the blood red moon.” – Nikko Chan

“Blood Moon as shot from the Rocky Mountains of Utah.” – Michael Pettingill

(No description.)

“Nice chilly night, decided to time lapse. Started at around 1:30AM.” – Lane Lehman

“Seconds before the earth’s shadow started hiding the moon.” – Brijen Raval

(No description.)

“Last night’s full lunar eclipse from Gitchie Manitou State Preserve, South Dakota.” – Aaron J. Groen

“This is a 60 minute sequence of a lunar eclipse pasted together with Photoshop.” – Kenton Miller

“Composite of two shots, moon taken with a telephoto and landscape taken with a wide angle.” – Karen Larsen

“Taken just a few minutes before the peak of the eclipse from Phoenix, Arizona.” – Brian LaFrance

(No description.)

“Stack shot of the blood moon eclipse last night, sat on my balcony and took a picture every 3 minutes to get this shot!” – Austin Marvel

“A sequence of photographs of the April 15, 2014 Blood Moon eclipse.” – Chris Toumanian

“I photographed this red moon phenomenon a few minutes ago in Jakarta, Indonesia. I use art filters: Pop Art’s in my camera so I can get the original colors as I expected. To get this picture I had to wait some time until the clouds that blanketed the moon unfold then I just shot it.” – Irawan Subingar

We enjoyed seeing all your photos of the Blood Moon Eclipse on the site! We wish we could include everyone’s eclipse photo in this roundup. For now, we’ll leave it up to you readers to explore many more red moons.