500px Ambassador, Dariane Sanche, challenged the 500px community to push their limits and create a fantasy-esque theatrical portrait.

Read on to learn about Dariane’s selection process and see the winners of this Quest.

The Selection Process

“I really enjoyed judging this Quest and discovering awesome photographers from around the world who have so much amazing creative talent and vision! For this Quest, I was looking for theatrical lighting and emotions with a touch of creativity. I was also looking for something “outside the box”, so sometimes, just an expression or a pose was not enough. The framing and composition can quickly change the whole meaning of a photo.”

“Every day, I looked through the new submissions to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Making a
shortlist was not easy and picking a winner was more difficult than I would have imagined. In the end, I was looking for something I had not seen before but was appealing and well done, creative, and theatrical with the lighting and the emotion portrayed by the model.”

First Place Winner

encounter by Ivan Kovalev on 500px.com

encounter by: Ivan Kovalev

“When I first looked at this photo, created by Ivan Kovalev, I immediately loved it! Like the title of the image, I had a wonderful encounter with his style of photography. In this photo, I really like the lighting, the choice of color, the makeup on the model, and the framing. I like the whimsical and mysterious side of the picture. Congrats Ivan for winning this Quest!” -Dariane


*** by Nikolay Tikhomirov on 500px.com

Photo by: Nikolay Tikhomirov

“The diving mask with water and fish inside is fantastic! Congrats Nikolay! It is a great example of what I meant by “think outside the box”. The quality of the photo and the editing is really impressive!” -Dariane

Swan Lake II by Peyman Naderi on 500px.com

Swan Lake II by: Peyman Naderi

“I really appreciate the use of the dress and the texture of the fabric. I like the movement and the structure of the photo—it’s very appealing to me. I love that the model’s face is hidden by the dress. In combination with the lighting and the black and white, it gives a theatrical/cinematographic effect that I love.” -Dariane

Edit by Virginia Ateh on 500px.com

Edit by: Virginia Ateh

“The use of the headpiece is something I do pretty often when I shoot! Here they used it pretty well, plus the makeup is well done and glowy! The choice of fabric for the dress is great and creates a nice texture!” -Dariane

Laurian by Jordie Hennigar on 500px.com

Laurian by: Jordie Hennigar

“Well done Jordie! I like the use of the tule (fabric) with the colored sparkle/diamond. When I do creative photoshoots I like to use this type of fabric and material. It adds something different to the image, and it’s a great choice of props because the model can easily play with it and create different poses.” -Dariane

You can check out Dariane’s entire shortlist of photos here!