Shame on you. Shame on all of you! Making me scroll through nearly 7,700 photos, seething with jealousy at the amazing work you’re all putting together and sharing on 500px. I can’t believe you would do this to me!

Well… actually… I can. Because we sort of asked you to.

For our latest Photo Quest, aptly titled “Best of March,” we asked you to submit your absolute best photography from the first half of this month. We’re only halfway through the Quest and already almost 8,000 entries have been submitted!

There are some that clearly didn’t read the rules—the photos have to be shared between March 3rd and March 18th to be eligible to win the super cool prize—but the quality of the work that is being uploaded is blowing our minds.

Macro, portraits, landscapes, animal photos, still life images… you name it, we’re seeing it. Here are 60 of our favorite entries so far:

Lights and Lines by Viduthalai Mani on

sunbathing by Nico Kaiser on

Perfect Match!!! by Mitchell Verboekend on

Stay by Furstset  on

Laugh a Little by Neon Engfer on

Lost by Eduard Gorobets on

Golden Eagle Portrait I by Pedro Cunha on

Golden sunrise by Giovanni Modesti on

Keep It Together by Armando  Alvarez Lopez on

Waiting and Wondering by Joel Cleofas on

Companion by Ivan Vucetic on

Mother and her Child Hugs Snow Monkey!! by HAYAMI HANNAH on

The Journey by Himanshu Singh Gurjar on

Iraqi-Kurdistan by Christiaan van Heijst on

The dance lesson by Nature images on

Where I want to be by Furstset  on

Hiding by Thomas  on

Climbing in the Shawangunks by Chris Vultaggio on

65-366.jpg by Bill Hodgetts on

Anemone revisited by Theo Westenberg on

A Ray Of Warm Light by Sarah Alsayegh on

Reflection by Jongseo Ahn on

Chantel by Michael Porterfield on

Two bird and Dog by Akihiro Furuta on

s u n s e t by Igor Kostin on

Spring tea by Valentino Grassi on

Lisbon views by Alberto Suárez on

Almost Home by Dusty  on

Chérie Lev-Ari Tel-Aviv by Rene Lev-ari on

Coffee house by David Charouz on

n by Hôs Ny ß

gorilla baby by Daniel Münger on

Into the light by Giuseppe Barino on

Strawberry by Laurens Kaldeway on

Behind the Waterfall by Cludes Tomato on

Emerald Lake Lodge by Nazmul Islam on

Morning streets by Max Shynkarenko on

Out of the Darkness by Landon Ketterer on

The Lookout by Martijn Kort on

Rhododendron pink bud by Marc Benedetti on

Light by superchinois801  on

Winterwoods by Andreas Treitz on

Blue eyed boy by kine soleng on

Who says cities are cold? by dimdk84 on

Exploring by World

Sunrise in Badia by Svetlana_P on

Appreciating the view by Karan Girdhani on

Via Antonini by Fernando  on

Cool City by WraithHao  on

The Lady And The Umbrella by Olivier Rentsch on

Mt Cook by vivek vijaykumar on

pink garden. by Miki Fujii on

daylight by Dan Druff on

Gianluca Gerardi Photo by Gianluca Gerardi on

bestofmarch by florence richerataux on

Lights in the Wall Street Alley by Thomas Duncan on

Preparing for a cold night by Marco Grassi on

Times Tunnel by Chak Hei Lam on

Cutie Pie by Arshdeep Singh on

Cooling by sutiporn somnam on

Like we mentioned above, this Photo Quest goes for 7 more days! So if you haven’t gone out, captured, and shared your best photos from March yet, you’ve still got time. The winners (3 of ’em) will walk away with a deluxe 500px swag pack AND 1 year of Awesome.

So go out there, get shooting, and stay inspired my friends!