Every month, we induct a new set of 500px Guest Editors from within our incredibly talented community, and ask them to scour the site and pick their favorite images. The photos they select make up the Editors’ Choice section of 500px and one of the best ways to discover the kind of eye-opening work our vibrant community is all about.

But we don’t stop there.

The photographers who participate in Editors’ Choice are some of the best of the best, and so in addition to their normal Editor duties, we make it a point to sit down with each of them and ask a few questions.

Here’s what we learned when we spoke with architecture photography wizard Roland Shainidze, ‘full-time mother and occasional photographer’ Betina La Plante, and landscape photographer Lincoln Harrison.

Architecture Photographer Roland Shainidze

500PX: How did you get started in photography?

ROLAND SHAINIDZE: My interest in photography began in my home country of Georgia when I was just a teenager using my brother’s old film camera (Zenit). I played with it and learned how to manipulate the photos in a dark room; but there weren’t any opportunities to pursue photography in Georgia. It was not until I came to Canada in 2009 that I was able to renew my interest in photography when I acquired a Canon T2i, my first DSLR camera, which I then upgraded to a Canon 7D and then a full-frame DSLR camera (Canon 5D Mark II). Since then I have devoted all my spare time to my renewed passion for photography.

At the beginning of my photographic journey I was not sure what type of photography I would master and what direction I wanted to go in; I was taking pictures of everything from macro to portrait, from landscape to wildlife, from architecture to transportation. I soon realized that I was most attracted to architecture, both contemporary and historical whether taking pictures myself or viewing them on the web. Since then my photography has been focused primarily on architecture, interiors and exteriors. I decided to master this genre using every opportunity to take pictures and experiment with them; playing with lines, patterns, light and colours.

Can you describe a pivotal moment, occasion, or photograph that made you realize you wanted to be a photographer?

ROLAND: During my photographic journey there were (and still are) many photographers who inspire and influence me. However, I would like to point out one of the best architectural photographers I know: Ralf Wendrich from Germany. I am amazed at his ability to see, to envision things before the final version and his blog where he displays photos of different architecture before and post-production, creating amazing images from ordinary to extraordinary.

I would also like to point to people who are following my photography,who constantly give me constructive feedback and inspire me to be a better photographer; without them I would not be where I am right now. They help me to reinvent myself, to push the boundaries and to “break” the rules, to experiment and to come up with something completely different.

What was your favorite Editors’ Choice pick and why?

ROLAND: When I was asked to be an editor of 500px for the month of March I had mixed feelings: on the one hand I was happy to be recognized by the 500px team and happy to contribute to this project, but on the other hand I felt a huge responsibility to pick the “right” photos for an Editors’ Choice, which believe me is not as easy as it seems.

500px users create thousands and thousands of stunning images. So I decided to filter my choices based on the photographer’s vision, the articulation of that vision, the technical expertise, and the composition and story. I had the privilege to pick many great photos from well-known photographers as well as lesser-known ones, but the one that struck me most is Mathijs Van den Bosch’s (a photographer based in Holland) photo “Break Parallel”:

This photo was taken in downtown Toronto, in the financial district, surrounded by the high rising buildings. In this context to find a “right” perspective and to apply appropriate post-processing techniques is not that easy; dealing with different types of architecture, patterns and geometrical lines, colours and exposure/light control.

Mathijs choice of black and white was absolutely right to minimalize the esthetics of the building and highlight the drama with light painting and dark muted tones. His use of the reflections was smart to fill the frame and create a mirror effect.

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Fine Art and Portrait Photographer Betina La Plante

500PX: How did you get started in photography?

BETINA LA PLANTE: I was given my first camera when I was 14. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, as well as developing and printing in the darkroom. It was a wonderful hobby growing up.

Can you describe a pivotal moment, occasion, or photograph that made you realize you wanted to be a photographer?

BETINE: Meeting and becoming friends with Elliott Erwitt when I lived in East Hampton made me look at photography differently. He never left the house without a camera on him and it was wonderful watching him shoot, what caught his eye. Although I’ve been collecting B&W photos for many years, spending time with such an inspirational photographer gave me a while new appreciation for the medium. Photography became more prominent in my life — even though with 2 young children, and no access to a darkroom, I couldn’t dedicate the time to it I wanted to.

In 2009 I bought my first digital camera to by-pass the darkroom issue. That’s when I started doing portraiture in ernest. I have been shooting mainly digital, more for convenience than anything else, but I am starting to pick up the film cameras again, whenever I can. There is that sense of anticipation in not knowing exactly what you have captured on film and relying on instinct and intuition, the process of taking photos is more considered, I think, and of course there’s a beautiful magic in the development of the film, then seeing the images slowly appear on paper in the chemical baths. Nothing like it.

What was your favorite Editors’ Choice pick and why?

BETINA: Hard to choose just one, there are so many talented photographers! But discovering that British photographer Brett Walker had started an account, and seeing his images start showing up on my feed, was a highlight.

I made several of his images Editor’s Choice — I had to restraint myself from making them all EC. He is an extraordinary photographer, his images genuinely emotional, raw, incredibly powerful, and truly unique. His work reminds me daily that the quality of an image should never be defined by perfect technique, but always about the content and what it inspires in the viewer — the relationship with and to the subject, the intimacy, where his mind is at… And he is not afraid to push the boundaries and take risks. For me, he is one of the most inspirational contemporary photographers there is. And if I have to choose just one image, then it is this one:

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Landscape Photographer Lincoln Harrison

500PX: How did you get started in photography?

LINCOLN HARRISON: I bought my first camera (Nikon D3100) to take some shots of eBay items. I decided to shoot an image to use a desktop wallpaper on my PC, the first ones weren’t very good so I kept trying and got hooked along the way.

Can you describe a pivotal moment, occasion, or photograph that made you realize you wanted to be a photographer?

LINCOLN: When I started out I was shooting a bit of everything, landscapes, macro, portraits. I stumbled across David Thompson’s portfolio and was blown away, I’d never seen landscape photos that good before. I knew straight away I wanted to concentrate on landscapes and try to get to that level.

What was your favorite Editors’ Choice pick and why?

LINCOLN: This is a hard one… I’d probably have to go with (not in order):

Michael Shainblum’s ‘Rapture’ — seascapes don’t get any better than this, the sunstar is the icing on the cake.

Ryan Dyar’s ‘Falling Winter’ — love the light and color in this, and it has that RD look.

And Alex Noriega’s ‘Arclight’ – I’ve seen a lot of great shots from Crater Lake but this one is the pick of the bunch, excellent light, the comp and processing is spot on.

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