From 1917 until today, if somebody asked you what the tallest mountain in North America is, you would have had to answer “Mount McKinley.” Starting today, you would have to call it “Denali.”

That’s because President Obama has officially restored the original Alaskan Native name to the massive peak, which was renamed “McKinley” in 1917 in honor of President William McKinley and been a source of controversy ever since.

In 1975, a strange compromise was reached where the park surrounding the mountain was named Denali National Park, while the mountain remained named for a president who never, in fact, set foot in Alaska.

Denali translates to “The Great One,” a worthy name for the 20,322ft (6,194m) tall mountain. And so in honor of this historic change, we thought we’d compile a few of the most beautiful photos of Denali on 500px.

20 gorgeous photos for a 20,000-foot mountain:

Denali by Nishchal Rana on

epic mountain by alrodriguez on

Mt Mc-Kinley by Lucas Heitz on

Sunset on Denali by David C. Schultz on

Denali Caribou by Heikki Put on

Denali in the Clouds by Gib Bishop on

Mt. McKinley / Denali by Vinay Deshpande on

Denali From Reflection Pond by Zach Brown on

Mount McKinley by photogenix on

Mount McKinley by Christophe Candela on

Above the Glacier by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

? Heaven by Banan Tarr on

Mount McKinley in Alaska by Matthieu gallet on

McKinley Sunrise by Shreenivasan Manievannan on

Denali Range (s) by Ed Boudreau on

The Great One. Mount McKinley, Alaska by michaelwardierogers  on

Road to Mount Denali by Matthias Janocha on

The High One by Len Saltiel on

Denali 2 by Buck Shreck on

Pensive by Ed Boudreau on

To see more beautiful photos of this massive mountain, search either “McKinley” or “Denali” on 500px… pretty soon you may only have to search Denali.